But that seemed more along the lines of a synth, and not piano. No items to compare. Comparing Yamaha NP-32 vs Yamaha P-45 vs Roland Go-88P . This new keyboard offers all the features of its predecessor and is further improved with new upgrades to fit the constantly changing demands in the music industry. But you get a much more advanced key action. Now we will have the review of the Yamaha NP-32 Piaggero which is priced at €298/£272. Yamaha P35 Vs. Yamaha P45. Even though it’s an entry level digital piano, the P45 still taxes you a lot for the Yamaha brand. While I'm here can anyone recommend good online learning materials? Do not suggest getting a teacher, it's not financially feasible. Both have a USB MIDI connection option that allows them to be connected to a computer to be used as MIDI controllers in a music composition or production program. Contact Us. With this blog I want to give general information about musical instruments in an easy, direct and honest way. According to its characteristics we can clearly say that the P45 has a lot of advantages, starting with the number of its keys, and certain characteristics that the NP32 … Let’s compare the Yamaha NP-32 Piaggero keyboard with a price of €298/£272 and the Casio CDP-130 with a price of €313. The Yamaha has 2 x 6W speakers and the Casio has 2 x 8W speakers, with the second one being slightly more powerful. The Yamaha P45 only includes one, and I really can’t understand why. It’s a more advanced keyboard, which comes with a bunch of extra features and upgrades over the P45. USB to Host port for connection to computer or iOS drives, Includes sustain pedal, lectern and PA-150B power supply, Dimensions: 1326 x 154 x 295 mm (width x height x depth). The Yamaha has two 6W speakers and the Thomann has two 10W speakers, being more powerful than the second one. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Follow @https://twitter.com/BInstrumentos, A weight of 5.7kg and measures 1244 x 259 x 105mm, First of all we find that the Yamaha has 76 keys with touch. If you want to know more about this model don’t miss our review of the Yamaha P45. Back to Product List. One difference we can notice at first glance is that the DP33 is a digital piano with a cabinet included, while the DP26 is a digital piano without a cabinet. I hope you enjoy my website and that you find it very useful. Add at least two items to compare. As for what I'd like to eventually be capable of playing on them, I have no idea. On summarising their features, these digital pianos are the same for their sound styles and usage, and they allow the new users to experience and create music as they desired for. A well-priced keyboard that has a good mix of features: I’ll leave a one video to hear how it sounds. The primary concern that perceives two is that the P45 polyphony was increased from 32 notes to the Yamaha P35 to 64 notes. Also at the end of the post you will find a section with the best shopping possibilities for this digital piano. If you have any problems, they take care of everything. There isn’t much difference between the model of the Yamaha P35 electronic piano and the new Yamaha P45. That model was a little out of my budget, and I also feel it should come with more features for it's price range (more sounds and stereo outputs are missing). Best Reputation: They are the leading online store in Europe and have the best catalogue and information. This will be a quick one. I also considered the Yamaha PSR-EW300. Both have a sustain pedal input, on the NP32 this is not included, while on the CDP130 it is. Both have sustain pedal input, on the Yamaha it is not included, while on the Thomann it is. Full Guarantee but they are no experts in music equipment. Yamaha P71 and P45 Technical Specs Invalid table id. As for what I'd like to eventually be capable of playing on them, I have no idea. The P45 vs P45b dilemma is a very popular one, just as the P-115 vs P-115b and other similar searches, once again this is just a color distinction and not a hardware or performance difference. A very interesting option if you do not find the Casio CDP 130 is the Casio CDP S100. Copyright text 2020 by Buscarinstrumentos | Digital Pianos Full Reviews, Thomann DP-26 Stage Piano - Longer Version. Now let’s compare two Yamaha NP32 Piaggero digital pianos that are priced at €298/£272 and the Thomann DP-26 that is priced at €311/£279. The Thomann DP 26’s Duo mode is great because it allows two people to play on the same piano at the same time by splitting the keyboard in two.