This is actually normal, and this does not mean that your Telescope is broken or functioning incorrectly. Hello, My telescope has developed a fault. What’s a 'Telrad,' and why do I need one if my telescope already has a finder? I am not an expert, I do not work for NASA, but I am someone that is learning as I go and presenting my findings to you. It is actually because of the components used in a Telescope; specifically the mirrors and lenses which help you magnify an image. In this telescope filters guide, I’ll talk about what telescope filters are, how telescope filters work, types of telescope filters, why they are necessary and so on. I’ve not used it for a while and when I took it out recently to look at the moon the image was split horizontally i.e. I am sure, if you want to embark on the mysterious journey of outer space, this article will come in a lot handy to you. Why do I need an eyepiece at all with my telescope, since my eye has a lens in it? Only you have to choose the right eyepiece depending on the type of your scope (refractor or reflector) and your preferences of what you want to observe- either planetary or deep sky objects. 7. there was the main image of the moon, which looked ok, then to How To Connect And Control The Telescope With SynScan Pro App Using the Stellarium is an easy way to control your telescope, but if you have SynScan GOTO mount, you can get more control over the telescope using a free app from Sky-Watcher called SynScan Pro. 6. Do you see anything when using it in the daytime to view something you can't miss by pointing in the general direction, such as a large building? nope nothing. Why can I see things like galaxies at all when catalogs say that they have surface brightness of magnitude 22? 5. You will also see the rectangle moving across the map as the telescope is slewing to the position you picked in Stellarium. Today, more and more scopes are sold with so-called "unit-power" (1×) or "red-dot" finders. After you buy your telescope, you should consider upgrading or replacing eyepieces included in the box with something better because it will vastly improve the image you see. Until recently, all finders were themselves miniature telescopes. Why do stars look big on I was discouraged at an early age from a telescope that wasn’t the best because it wouldn’t allow me to see what I wanted. Why Does My Telescope View Upside Down? I can also position my eye at a distance so I see around the telescope (in my peripheral vision) at the same time as I look through the eyepiece. that's why its bit weird, it could also be that i could not point to a long distant object as it's hard to find one with building and houses around the backyard. Not only is there not a 1000 fold change – there isn’t ANY change.