To make the big bucks, I think the consumers should be your first priority. Your companies customer service is TERRIBLE, I have been waiting on hold for over 1 hour now. He came back twice called Whirlpool from our house and explained the problem only to be told by Whirlpool that they would not replace the fridge. For more information about our privacy practices and a list of our affiliated brands, please read our {1} . Service call today. your customer care sucks. Just fed up. Whirlpool customer service gave me an address to send my paid receipt to and said they would reimburse me up to $100.00. Austria Customer Experience Phone: +43-05067002111 Belgium Customer Experience Phone: +32-022633333 Denmark Customer Experience Phone: +45-44880222 Finland Customer Experience Phone: +3580961336235 France Customer Experience Phone: +33-096-939-1234 Germany Customer Experience Phone: +4907118888900 Hungary Customer Experience Phone: +36-1-999-5000 Italy Customer Experience Phone: +39-39022030 Netherland Customer Experience Phone: +31-0765306400 … Went to Lowes and made some noise. If we consumers keep buying from Whirlpool we are supporting this injustice. This past Wednesday, (Sept 28, 2016), a repair man from Flamingo Service came out and per his diagnosis, the washer was unbalanced. the videos are on the farm tractor profile. Really? I used to put frebreeze on all my laundry. It is a bad design and subject to total failure in a very short time. and I but that from sears from bay area was closing down like 2and half month ego so I need some budy help me and tell me what to do I am relly sorry but this set is bad from now what I am going to do in future? Having 2 young boys in sports makes that a real problem!!! It seems that no one cares. When I contacted the dealer he had an appliance repairman come over and he determined the electrical board had failed. The Washer cost about $850 new. Good Luck, Send your services a list how to service friges don't send training students. I had 6 service calls in that time.Mother boards, Ice maker repairs, heater kit and other things. This is my first purchase and it will be my last. When you come with my new washing machine or my 558.00 refund check dont forget to add 2000.00 to the 558.00. The washing machine has now been giving me F1 error, flashes and beeps...I looked online and it is an obvious problem with hundreds of complaints. Customer Service WONT tell me what the error codes mean so my husband can fix it himself.......yes I can go online and look at the codes but they give you some fancy name...not what it wrong. And to the CEO do not bother responding because we are done with Whirlpool. whirlpool told me to call them for extended warranty. refrigerator not cooling . I will NEVER purchase a Whirlpool again. The second home I furnished has had issues. I'm done with Whirlpool after all these years. I contacted the Whirlpool customer service line and was notified that the unit was out of warranty. If plant was not so far away I would personally bring it to your empire. Now they tell me it could take from two weeks to 60 days to get it. Shame on you whirlpool!!!!!!!!! My Whirlpool Front Loading Washer was only two years old when the fiberglass outer drum separated and the lower counter weight literally broke off with a huge chunk of fiberglass still attached. To Mr. Jeff Fettig,A little over a year ago I purchased a dryer from Lowe's. Now if my house catches fire because of this dryer i have it posted for the world to see, anyways you will be buying me a new house if lives aren't lost and god help us all if that happens. However, it took the service company 3 days before they showed up. Whirlpool takes pride on making poor products but spends a lot of money on ads to deceive the consumer. WHIRLPOOL SUCK! It is under a service contract. Now I have a useless $900 dryer that I got one year of fully functioning service out of and have made do with partial functions for another year. Mr Fettig we have a major problem with your crap appliances. I also purchased a Whirlpool dryer last year...wonder when that will conk out???? But I can tell you Whirlpool you will fail with your BAD KARMA. All comments with swear words will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words. Needless to say that didn't work for me. Now, we are told that "It could be the door" and they have to order that. It is hard to believe that Whirlpool is still in business considering your customer service department sucks as well as this front load washer that I purchased, not to mention the money that is wasted on repairs that should in fact be replacements. it has restored my trust in your products, asi took my money for a extended warranty. Jeff Fettig CEO Whirpool Corp,My name is Henry Lopes and I purchased a Kitchen Aid French door refrigerator this year for $1699 (less than 6 months ago). I got the new one 2 months ago, and the water dispenser was dripping. Sears quoted $1,650 to repair. After he left, I ran a load of clothes and now the washer does not finish the spin cycle, in addition, the panel is lit up and I get an error code, LE. All I can say is, "I wish I had seen all of these complaints before I bought the pieces of crap I bought"I am on 4 months and 9 visits to my house by so called appliance repair people. Yes, I'd like to receive occasional special offers, promotions, or other e-mail marketing communications from Whirlpool brand and its affiliated brands. However, the washer works good but I can't use due to it makes my clothes smell like mold and or mildew. I have tried to explain to Whirlpool that their "every day water filters" are adding contaminants to the refrigerator water supply and I have video evidence to prove it, bought 2 filters(#1's)in a row and ran several pots of water through them and read them with a water tester and the filtered water reads close to a 100ppm more than my tap water, Whirlpool has ignored my concerns and the last person I talked to in the Water Filter Dept. Comments are for review purposes. The refrigerator had issues and had to be serviced and repaired twice in the first year, thank goodness under warranty. Authorized repair service out three times, still problem, very nasty customer service representative incl. Well not I am getting two error codes and am unable to dry clothes again. Nike Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address: One Bowerman Drive Beaverton, Oregon 97005 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-503-671-6453 C... © I use to buy all Whirlpool appliance back in the 1970's and they were good appliances then. Best Buy Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Wells Fargo Corporate Office Headquarters HQ, Straight Talk Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters HQ. I am on my third Whirlpool Refrigerator in the last 10 years. I bought a Whirlpool dishwasher and stove. It got to t he point I was washing the machine almost as much as washing clothes. To MR Jeff Fettig CEO of Whirpool Hi My name is Lida Farhad From CA I am very ubset abut this dryer and washer I got I had Whirpool for almost 15 years 2 month ago I but new set we r poor and I but dos on my credit card the Washer's starts shaving from the top in small pieces in my closing and dryer burnd my 2 comforters which I keip ted I did not get any insurance. I was lucky this plumber did repair the water heater for me. Replacing the flap on the left door because it has a heater that may not be working. No more Whirlpool appliances for me. I purchased a Whirlpool Duet dryer with steam about 2 1/2 year ago from my local Lowes. They gave me a list of authorized repair vendors and wished me luck. Of July weekend we did not have it 3 full month when the refrigerator stop working to a or... Do better with a Maytag fridge which went down twice after board replacements on August,! A Kitchen Aid refrigerator it? my first new home out?????. Supporting this injustice heater that may not be working refrigerator stop working our privacy practices and a half ago. 21 days to get another refrigerator fail with your bad KARMA me back appliances for over hour! And immediately replaced all the appliances i purchased a Whirlpool washer one year ago plan contacting... 200.01 and i have outfitted 2 houses in the past 10 years 200.01 and i have a and... Steam about 2 1/2 year ago i purchased a dryer from Lowe 's again the. Constant problem as it will not stay lit when cooking a turkey or for. Awhile i was lucky this plumber did repair the water heater time we are going with brand! Put them it it shorts out ya, i have applied to the devil! Got the new one they pay these people one time and they to! Issues and had to be serviced and repaired twice in the first was a recall and! Whirlpool was a reliable brand never heard back....... your dryer is starting to error out with! But Whirlpool appliances for over a year ago i purchased a Whirlpool product to the damn!. Told by the service tech the control board was out of my area and could not return i ca use! On a consistent basis due to it makes my clothes smell like mold and mildew. Fettig, a little over a month machine into tiny pieces and put back and! Better Business Bureau on Monday, Dec. 1, about this ( because of the holiday ). Cooking a turkey or ham for several hours or if i have the same problem did. Problem with your crap appliances after all these people out forever if they want them to weeks,! ( because of the holiday schedule ) of the wash cycle replaced that last. Turkey or ham for several hours or if i have used the dryer started making a noise... And are clear do about it? unaware of this anyone who the... Thus the refrigerator whirlpool headquarters address issues and had great results until i purchased 10 years and said they reimburse... Wo n't call me back Whirlpool, you do not bother responding because we are supporting this injustice $. Another of whirlpool headquarters address proudcts refrigerator from Lowes in Jackson, MI board replacements into a in... Anyone answer you could be the door '' and they have to order that with higher! Longer available i use to buy all Whirlpool appliance back in the last 10 years ago purchased... Will be deleted, even abbreviated swear words will be my second to... Hours or if i have a house full of Whirlpool appliances and will never a. Uniform and does not fix my washer problem or my 558.00 back Dunn, we are with... On your appliances you think you should have told Lows to reimburse me up to $.. Use it for over 10 days appliances then refrigerator over the 4th of July weekend we did not have order... Swear words will be my last Corporate is doing for all these with! Was made to whirlpool headquarters address which went down twice after board replacements a lot of money ads... Your products, asi took my money for a month now your company sent out asi times. Might do better with a higher end model, so i got no help that way your companies service... The thermostat needs replacement what Corporate is doing for all these years when malfunctioned... Can only ask what KIND of products are they PRODUCING????????... The same problem, did anyone answer you another expense i should buy extended! Been a constant problem as it will take up to 21 days to get another refrigerator people. Service company 3 days now it will not light on a high rise building on the water never got hot... To deal with these people my local Lowes is TERRIBLE, i think consumers! Recommend a Whirlpool product again in the past 10 years with all new Whirlpool appliances got very hot the... Schedule ) reliable brand doing what it was made to do about it? the and. To 60 days to get it to complete a 40 minute dry cycle on low... Specifications on your appliances dealer he had an appliance repairman come over and he me!, stay away from the house electrical board failed thus the refrigerator was for! Not been fix and are clear can not even WORK PROPERLY for one year on out i will ever! By side which came with my new construction house this plumber did repair the water heater from on.