Bucatini (boo-kah-TEE-nee) is a type of pasta that is shaped like a long, narrow tube, resembling thick, hollow spaghetti. This straw-like pasta easily sucks up lighter tomato and seafood-based sauces. Learn how to make bucatini noodles, where to buy bucatini pasta, and find out which sauces pair beautifully with this hollow pasta shape. Free 2-day shipping. Then we have bucatini pasta shape which can be sued in making froth and soups at home! Buy Colavita Bucatini Pasta, 16 Ounce at Walmart.com The pasta is traditionally produced and served in and around Rome, with the name originating from the Italian word buco, meaning “hole.”Also known as perciatelli, this pasta is boiled and served hot with tomato, meat, butter, cream, and seafood-based sauces. Whatever Italian pasta type you are a fan of, we have got the most assorted range of authentic Italian pasta in all shapes and quantities you need. Sapori di Napoli bucatini is thicker than the average store-bought version, and superior ingredients and traditional production methods give it exceptional flavor and texture. Short cut Italian pasta, like peperina, Orzo, penne, is good for thick and chunky sauces. 1.1 lb Italian Bucatini Pasta - Naples, Italy Italian bucatini pasta is thicker than spaghetti and the center of each long strand is hollow - think of a drinking straw. Bucatini pasta can only be described as the most deliciously upgraded version of traditional spaghetti. Famous for its starring role in Roman classics Amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe. Originating in the Lazio region of Italy, Bucatini is a long cut named for the “hole” running down its center.