I am assuming that you’re referring to NAFLD - non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Table of Contents Here is a list of 12 foods and drinks in a fatty liver diet that you should consume The foods recommended for a liver cleansing diet are also many of the same foods found in the low glycemic diet. Read on to know about 5 foods that you should eat every day to cure your fatty liver naturally. This will hopefully help to stop and reduce the build-up of fat in the liver, while some foods have compounds that can actively help. Base your diet on good protein sources (chicken,seafood,lean meat), … The fatty liver could lead to more severe liver diseases. Foods recommended to detoxify the liver include spinach, watercress, beans, fish, free range poultry and soy or rice milk instead of dairy milk. A fatty liver diet which includes low-fat, reduced-calorie foods, was designed to help with weight loss and minimize the risk of fatty liver diet. Best Food or Diet for Fatty Liver: A perfect eating order followed by a Mediterranean diet chart could bring us a rapid relief from the fatty liver problem. Fatty liver can be reversed by following the diet in Dr Cabot's book: 'Fatty Liver: You Can Reverse It'. Here is a list of Top 5 Food for Fatty Liver. To help treat fatty liver disease, patients should ensure that they eat a diet which helps to reduce the levels of fats in their bodies. In this disease, our liver turns into a form of excessive fats, so foods that could diminish the excess fat from our liver and provide us all the required nutrients adequately would be the best choice to include n or daily regimen! Fat partially comprises your liver, but in case, there’s a high content present in the liver, it may indicate fatty liver disease. A liver-cleansing diet can also help fatty liver disease. https://www.detoxifytips.com/fatty-liver-disease-diet-recipes My main points would be: 1. The main cause of NAFLD is excess fat in the body that accumulates around the liver. We recommend you eliminate grains, sugar, processed foods and takeout meals from your diet.