The year will start with online orientation on the Monday 28th September. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the appropriate foundation for the rigors of MD program curriculum at Trinity School of Medicine. Welcome letter . I can't give you any insider info on Trinity but I can tell you that I've been active and following the Caribbean Medical School fora here for over 8 years. Update letter for incoming students (PDF 104kB) 2020-2021 Dates. Trinity School of Medicine offers three program entry points each year: January, May, and September. Incoming Year 1 students 2020/2021. Welcome to Trinity School of Medicine. Trinity Medical Sciences University - Help Desk. While prospective students can apply at any time, we encourage applicants to submit all materials for consideration 2 to 4 months before they wish to begin classes. TRANSCRIPTS & SUPPORTING MATERIALS ... cause me to be dismissed from Trinity School of Medicine or have my degree rescinded, if application. Welcome letter - Year 1 2020 - 2021 (PDF 100 kB) Update letter 17th June 2020. Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin Trinity Search Your query Search collection The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences All Trinity Undergraduate Courses Postgraduate Courses Staff AZ of Trinity Areas Trinity Maps Research Expertise Library Stella Catalogue Library Classic Catalogue TARA Research Archive News Events Announcements. Trinity School of Medicine Five-Year Program Curriculum Trinity School of Medicine offers a 5-year program consisting of one year of pre-medical, university-level courses in the sciences and humanities. Trinity School of Medicine has an admissions committee comprised of faculty members representing the basic sciences and the clinical sciences and chaired by the associate dean of admissions. Completed applications along with the results of the interview are sent to the committee for its review and recommendation. This is one week later than previously communicated.