The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister is presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen. Avem o foarte mare colectie de seriale online si filme online la o calitate foarte buna, majoritatea HD. [13] She said, though, that the story "should have been more gripping than it was" but that script "wobbled around" and was too lengthy. When Mariana returns to her husband's side, he looks dazed and asks her how Anne loves her. 'Engaging, revealing, at times simply astonishing: Anne Lister's diaries are an indispensable read for anyone interested in the history of gender, sexuality, and the intimate lives of women' SARAH WATERS With Maxine Peake, Anna Madeley, Susan Lynch, Christine Bottomley. He tells her that people talk about her and call her 'Gentleman Jack.' [8] It was broadcast in the United Kingdom by BBC Two and BBC HD on 31 May 2010. Vizionare placuta! The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister was a one-off BBC drama that aired in May 2010. Mariana Belcombe is his lover, but one day she marries for convenience a wealthy … A dramatic adaptation of the journals of Anne Lister, a 19th-century Yorkshire landowner and industrialist who lived a secret life with her female lover. XIX secolo: Anne Lister è una giovane donna non sposata che vive in un paesino e abita in una villa chiamata "Shibden" insieme alla zia e allo zio, entrambi non sposati. The person she has in mind is Mariana Belcombe (Anna Madeley), with whom she has been conducting a secret romantic and sexual relationship. The Daily Telegraph's John Preston was positive about the film and particularly praised Maxine Peake's acting. (Nu există încă evaluări) Familia She praised Peake's "excellent" and "fiery" performance and said that "played [Lister] with great energy, her small, alert face full of expression and emotion". [2] Throughout her life, she kept diaries which chronicled the details of her everyday life, including her lesbian relationships, her financial concerns, her industrial activities and her work improving Shibden Hall. [13], Writing for Metro, Keith Watson called the film "mesmerising and liberating". [2] The code, derived from a combination of algebra and Ancient Greek, was deciphered in the 1930s.[3][4]. Her diaries contain … Synopsis: In nineteenth century Yorkshire wealthy orphan Anne Lister lives with an aunt and … Before filming began, the cast rehearsed in director Kent's flat. Maxine Peake plays Anne Lister. OK, I've been wanting to post a review of this since Monday, but since my DVD came yesterday (I love the UK postal service) I've rewatched a couple of times and hopefully organised my thoughts a bit more. Anne asks her if she understands what the rumours and insinuations are about. Her aunt (Richenda Carey) comes to tell her niece that people are spreading shocking rumours about the two women. The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister; ... Sue Perkins, introduces us to historian and editor Helena Whitbread and gives us a glimpse of Anne Lister’s encoded diaries. Returning to Shibden, Anne ignores the attention of Miss Browne. [9] It played at the opening night of San Francisco's Frameline Film Festival on 17 June 2010[10] and was broadcast in Australia by ABC1 on 13 November 2011.[11]. Cinema, movie trailers. 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[2] The diaries contain more than 4,000,000 words and about a sixth of them (those concerning the intimate details of her romantic and sexual relationships) were written in code. L'histoire suit les relations lesbiennes et le mode de vie d'industriell… Ann tells her that she does not want a husband. Mariana is angry at her drawing attention to herself. She tells Anne not to write to her anymore. She was the 19th century equivalent of a “butch” lesbian, and she became known to locals … I haven’t seen it. The one thing she wants from life is to have someone to love and to share her life with. Mariana visits Anne and says that she could leave Charles now. Anne Lister (1791-1840) lived an unconventional life compared with most women in Regency England. Afterwards, Anne is seen planting flowers in the greenhouse with Ann. Leszbikus volt, aki annak ellenére, hogy vonzódását a társasági életben el kellett rejtenie, szeretőjével élt együtt. In nineteenth century Yorkshire wealthy orphan Anne Lister lives with an aunt and uncle, anxious for her to marry well and blissfully unaware that she is a lesbian. Anne attends a party with her acquaintances, including Rawson and the Lawtons. Mariana asks Anne to meet her in a hotel in Manchester. She said that Peake, "a wonderful actor", was "especially weird" and her characterisation of Lister was "rapacious and cocky, petulant and manipulative". Earlier this week, BBC dropped its first clip from the forthcoming lesbian mini-series, Lip Service, and they released a full-blown trailer for their spring drama lineup, which includes some footage from The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister.