I am very much interested in buying the SMSL SA-50 but I also need a DAC. SMSL SA300 Review vs. SMSL AD18 - Which Class D Amp is Right for You? In this review we’re taking a look at the new SMSL M300mkII DAC from Chinese manufacturer SMSL, featuring a flagship chip from AKM. Personal Audio's biggest sale day … First of all heads off for your excellent review. Source will be the desktop pc … A reasonable price and low-latency Bluetooth 5.0 receiver make the SMSL SA300 (about $119) a worthwhile choice for most average consumers. I was told from a friend that I really want an amp that can provide more power than what is recommended by the speaker. The SA300 and A30 are the same power amplifier, and there will be no big difference in sound quality. First off apologies if this is a really basic question. Listen to this . I can tell from the spec sheet that the SMSL-SA300 has a power output of 40W at 8ohms per channel. I only covered the customs fees. Here's a link to the amp, it's a little class D amp with a built in USB DAC, sub out and Bluetooth 5.0. The input of the Loxjie A30 has a COAX OPT USB BT. Disclaimer: SMSL sent us the M300mkII for this review, free of charge. Related Content. I'm looking for advice on new bookshelf speakers to be paired with an SMSL SA300 amp (yet to be purchased) for my study. I am not sure which set-up would be better: - SMSL SA-50 with SMSL Sanskrit; or - SMSL SA-50 with SMSL SD-192 Pro. Breadcrumb Home / SMSL SA300 Review vs. SMSL AD18 - Which Class D Amp is Right for You? Tinhifi P2 Prototype (Planar earphones) PRE-view. This item S.M.S.L SA300 Uses Infineon's new technology class D power amplifier chip,Bluetooth 5.0 With Remote Control (black) SMSL AD18 HIFI Audio Stereo … SMSL priced this unit at $240 USD. / audiophile. The Jamo S803 and S801 recommends 80 and 60 watts at 8ohms respectively. It measures three inches tall, three inches wide, and just over 7 inches deep, and is available with red, blue, or black trim. I recommend the Loxjie A30 over the SMSL SA300 because your Denon DCD-1450 CD player has an OPT COAX output. Loxjie is a company in the same group as SMSL and has a similar design.