1.425 € 1 . Seagull Artist Tuxedo Black Anthem EQ. Seagull Coastline Momentum A/E Natural. Seagull M4 Mahagoni. Everyone has different tastes so this discussion around tone will be as objective as possible. Seagull Artist Mosaic CW HG EQ. Seagull Artist Mosaic EQ. 439 € Seagull M4 Spruce Lefthand. The Anthem features LR Baggs patented TRU•MIC technology which combines their proprietary condenser mic with their famous Element pickup. Seagull Artist Mosaic CH CW Bourbon B. Hals: Mahagoni. Seagull is a Canadian company that produces handmade acoustic guitars. 615 € 1 . However, there is such thing as good tone and bad tone. The Seagull Artist line is renewed with the addition of the Artist Mosaic EQ. 0. Seagull Artist Mosiac EQ Acoustic-electric Features: 159 € 2 . 155 € 1 . Seagull Artist Studio CH HG EQ. And whether or not the Mosaic’s tone suits your tastes or not it definitely falls in the category of good tone. Westerngitarre Decke: massiv Fichte. Seagull Artist Mosaic Anthem EQ - YouTube The Seagull Artist line has always been about innovation and the pursuit of acoustic excellence. 1.399 € Seagull Entourage Autumn Burst. Boden & Zargen: massiv Mahagoni. 1.479 € 1 . The Seagull instruments include acoustic guitars, m4, mandolin & ukulele. The result is a warm, natural acoustic tone that sounds so pure you would swear it was miked. Artist Tuxedo Black Anthem EQ Maritime SWS Classic in approach, modern in sound and fabrication, Seagull Maritime guitars are at the focal point of high quality and majestic tone. 1.399 € 2 .