It’s not brighter (around 1,500 nits) and the color is about the same, but the processing (i.e., the manner in which it handles digital video information) is improved. In the market, the Samsung Q90T has 4 screen size variant, which are 55 inches (QN55Q90TAFXZA), 65 inches (QN65Q90tAFXZA), 75 inches (QN75Q90TAFXZA), and 85 inches (QN85Q90TAFXZA). Software features include ambient mode, which allows you to display a digital photo that matches the wall behind the TV, so the TV practically disappears when you’re not watching it. This is where I normally talk about the number of zones in the backlight array; but for some odd reason, Samsung never confirms its TV’s zone counts; and in this particular case, the zone counter was a bit hard to read. The 65-inch Q90T costs $1,000 less than the 65-inch Q90R did when it was released, it has a souped-up sound system, and it is available in more sizes — including 55-, 65-, 75-, and 85-inch variants. The best always costs more, and the Q90T is the best 4K UHD LCD TV I’ve seen so far in 2020. ... Write a review Share how you use your new Samsung product and what you love about it. The Samsung Q90T is excellent for watching TV shows. {z(~����q�pC#t#����Q���Ըv��-��Vo^�j�8+w�2�������V��o�����vKEy����px:��a�h����G��#��j�w�VS���Yw&�׆?So����4y����9uc��#c ��=��Kǰ��Қ�w 8���0�Y௰�0�[� Not that the Q90R’s lag was noticeable in anything but unnaturally fast pans. While the ports on the Q90 series are no longer housed in a breakout box, there’s a capable selection including four HDMI ports (with eARC support on one), coax for cable or an over-the-air antenna, Toslink digital audio out, and a 3.5mm analog audio out. Freelance contributor, With real-life material, the only LCD TV I’ve seen with fewer artifacts—at the risk of sounding like a broken record—is Samsung’s own 8K UHD Q900. We have reviewed the 65-inch Q95T. Samsung Q95T and Q90T. I take in-store evaluations with a grain of salt, but in-store the q900TS is pretty impressive. Sound is quite good, although I liked the results with my additional tweaking more than letting the Intelligent Adjustment mode handle the chore alone. As noted earlier, the image quality of TVs throughout the price gamut has improved drastically the last couple of years, so you’re paying quite a bit to get that last 10 percent of increased quality. The HDR10+ equivalent, plain HDR10 (static metadata), and HLG are all supported. Just be aware that Samsung’s replacement cable costs a daunting $300, and refurbs on Amazon are not much better at $240. I can say the same for screen uniformity, with little to no clouding visible when a pure white screen is displayed. And I will commend Samsung on what is one of the easiest TV setups going. But that’s the nature of the thin-TV beast (with the exception of some OLEDs that vibrate the display itself). Let that person work on the Smart Hub. Also, if you’re spending this much on a TV, and you’re going 65-inch or larger, you might consider Samsung’s 8K UHD Q800T, which is not exorbitantly priced considering how much of an improvement it offers—even with 4K UHD and 1080p content. I suggest adding a hub if you regularly connect USB media for video, music, or image playback. There are four sizes in the series and we've received a 65-inch loan unit from Samsung for our lab tests. Both of them are great TVs for any usage, whether in SDR and HDR quality. Now for the reality check—the Q90T is a rather pricey item in a field where the quality of mid-range TVs has improved dramatically. The Samsung Q95T (with One Connect) and Q90T (without One Connect) models are both available in 55, 65, 75, and 85 inches in the US and Europe. That said, the Q90T is hardly perfect. If you’re going to set the Q90T on a surface, as opposed to hanging it on the wall using its VESA mount point, I’m pretty sure you’ll like the iMac-like pedestal stand. ... Samsung QE55Q80T review; Samsung Q70T. The remote remains minimalist, easy, and classy. TechHive |. SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED Q90T Series - 4K UHD Direct Full Array 20X Quantum HDR 16X Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN85Q90TAFXZA, 2020 Model) Visit the SAMSUNG … Screen Size: 85″ Type: QLED TV Series: Q Series Resolution: 3840 x 2160, 4K Ultra HD Backlighting: Dual LED HDR (High-Dynamic Range): Quantum HDR 16x Motion Rate: 240 Color: 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot Samsung Q70T QLED 4K UHD Smart TV Review [55, 65,75 & 85 Inch] by Sylvia Juncosa Posted on March 20, 2020 July 9, 2020 This year, Samsung has launched a series of premium 4K smart TVs to upgrade your space including living room, bedroom, or media room. The TV is well-suited for bright rooms, as it has exceptional reflection handling and gets extremely bright. Bluetooth is actually my favorite way of apartment listening, and a lot of TVs require an external module to accomplish it. Yes, I’m a fan of the pedastel. If I have any gripe at all, it’s the lack of an easily accessible side-mounted USB port. I’ll just say that the  nighttime in Vegas video I use to spot blooming and other defects looked better on the Q90T than any TV that isn’t OLED—not Samsung’s 8K UHD models. One thing I noticed right off the bat is that the motion smoothing is stronger by default, and there’s no lag before it kicks in. The Q70T starts at 55in in size, and like the Q80T, goes up to 85in. Discover the latest features and innovations available in the 85 inches Class Q90T QLED 4K UHD HDR Smart TV 2020. Find the perfect TV for you! Samsung QN85Q90T Specs. Samsung Q90T is the model that positioned as the top model from Samsung’s 2020 QLED 4K TV series as well as overall Samsung’s 2020 4K LED TV lineup, while Samsung Q80T is the model that positioned right below it. It’s also why soundbars exist (you can click here for our pick of the best soundbars). Samsung Q90 QLED TV Price and Availability. We steer you to products you'll love and show you how to get the most out of them. But the Q95T range doesn’t have a technology the Q90T goes without, it doesn’t do anything the Q90T can’t do, and the picture performance of the two ranges is identical. The bigger news might be that Samsung has ditched the One Connect breakout box. Unlike the higher-end Q95T model, which has a single-piece pedestal, the Q80T’s stand is a slightly less suave two-piece design. FreeSync support reduces lag and eliminates screen tearing by matching the Q90T’s refresh rate to your video game console’s, and a universal program guide tracks your content choices and recommends programs that it predicts you’ll like. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. Art Mode and $100 (20 … This year Samsung has changed up the local dimming approach in its Direct Full Array 16x (20x in the 85-inch) LED backlight system by arriving at a compromise from last year’s focus on making stable black to making the panel a little brighter while balancing it against deep black. The Samsung Q90T is one of Samsung's best TV series for 2020. There’s a strong collection of apps, including all the biggies (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and so on). If you want One Connect, your only option is the reportedly wonderful, but expensive ($13,000) 8K UHD Q950TS. Today we will go through the Samsung QN85Q90T review. The Samsung Q90T, a quantum dot TV, is available in four sizes (55-, 65-, 75-, and 85-inches) and features Samsung's built-in, Tizen-based smart platform. The mid-range and top-end are well-defined, but bass is less than thumpy. This is, of course, a QLED model with a direct, full array backlight. But while the Q95T is rated at 2000nits for peak brightness as per the Q90R, the number of dimming zones has been slashed to something closer to that of the Q80R. Samsung Q90T 4K UHD TV review: Samsung tweaks an already great smart TV ... MSRP for the 65-inch model is $2,500, the 75-inch goes for $3,800, and the 85-inch costs $5,300.