Singapore has seen a slew of salted egg products from fish skin to bubble tea, and even salted egg xiang guo.. Not to mention McDonald’s own attempt at salted egg loaded fries in Singapore, earlier this January.. You can inquiry Salted egg sauce premix powder and salted egg seasoning price by emailing us: What: Salted egg eggs Benedict Where: Drury Lane . Any time is a good time for fish skin. Hexa Food Sdn. Tsurai Spicy Salted Egg Fish Skin is the newest fish skin snack in the market and quite possibly one of the best fish skin snacks in Singapore. McDonald’s Malaysia Released Fries With Salted Egg Sauce. Ingr Bhd manufactures Salted Egg Sauce Premix Powder and Salted Egg Flavour Seasoning. This is one of the best things to snack on. Uncle Leong Seafood, #01-03, 6 Tebing Lane, Punggol East, Singapore 828835, p. 6441 1848. The Salted Egg fish skin snack is one flavour that will please everyone, and it … Fresh crustaceans covered in salted egg sauce and curry leaves (seasonal price) – this is one of the best versions we’ve had. Irvins Salted Egg - Dangerously Addictive Salted Egg Snacks made in Singapore using real salted eggs and handpicked aromatic ingredients. Incorporating salted egg to your meal has never been easier. Halal Certified We supply to wholesalers and food manufacturers in both Malaysia and Singapore. Hexa Food Sdn. What: Salted egg crab Where: Uncle Leong Seafood . But it seems like the salted egg fever has hit our northern neighbours hard too. IRVINS Salted Egg Sauce Made from real salted eggs, IRVINS Salted Egg Sauce is modified with a touch of technology from the salted egg sauce that coats all of our snacks, giving it the fragrant, #DangerouslyAddictive salted egg taste that everyone loves.