II. The two bucket Nalgonda defluoridation setup. Chem Rev 112:2454–2466 CrossRef Google Scholar Jamode AV, Sapkal VS, Jamode VS (2004) Defluoridation of water using inexpensive adsorbents. Among these methods, the adsorption onto … 2016). Several methods have been suggested
Based upon ion exchange process or adsorption and
Based upon addition of chemicals to water during treatment.
In India, the first work on defluoridation was done by the 68. Many methods have been investigated in the defluoridation of drinking water (Darchen et al. Following Get ideas for your own presentations. PREVENTiON AND CONTROL OF FLUOROSIS WATER QUALITY AND DEFLUORIDATION TECHNIQUES Volume U ~ AND SANITATION (IRC) CENTRE FOR COMMUNITY WATER … Many are downloadable. Share yours for free! F WATER QUALITY AND SUPPLY: DAHI, MTALO, NJAU and BREGNHJ 268 Figure 1. View Defluoridation Of Water PPTs online, safely and virus-free! defluoridation. Figure 2. methods for de-fluoridation. This PPT is based on techniques of Treatment of water from hardness, arsenic , fluoride You can hardly find a student who enjoys writing a college papers. Learn new and interesting things. Jagtap S, Yenkie MK, Labhsetwar N, Rayalu S (2012) Fluoride in drinking water and defluoridation of water. Various methods are accessiblefor the removal of fluoride from water, for example, precipitation-coagulation, membrane-based processes, ion –exchange and adsorption process. Initial Coagulation and Precipitation method of defluoridation of water have high efficiency and are commercially available methods. Calcium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide were used in this method [ 1 , 114 ] but this method is found as expensive, pH dependent with the presence of other co-ions [ 115 ] . VARIOUS METHODS FOR DEFLUORIDATION The removal of fluoride from ground water has been many attempts over the years, using a wide variety of material giving various efficiencies. The effect of pH on defluoridation using 700-900 mg/l alum and 75-350 mg/l lime.