I have visited Alaska a number of times. I enjoyed reading your salmon blog. Hi Mindy – Glad you found this post informing! What about wild caught Atlantic salmon? I NEVER eat Atlantic salmon as it is so easy to get the good stuff year round in California. According to ipsedixit, king salmon is generally fattier than sockeye, and a bit less firm and meaty. It is not only the healthiest choice, but also a well-regulated sustainable fishery so you know can enjoy them with confidence. will have to share your recipes with them. I’m also a big advocate of self-care and taking life “down a notch” – while chasing adventures half-way across the globe! Nothing is better than fresh wild caught salmon, but when you can’t find it, or it is too expensive for your budget, it is handy to have a package of frozen wild caught Alaska salmon patties from Costco in your freezer. I’m glad you enjoyed this post :). Sign up for free recipes straight to your inbox: Hello and welcome to Downshiftology! Please read my. Sockeye Salmon from Alaska is. Try it: While you can use any type of salmon to make my Dijon Baked Salmon recipe, King Salmon makes it extra melt-in-your-mouth good. I am a third generation Californian and have always loved. Thank you for your great article. Wild Coho Salmon is available fresh mid-June through late October and frozen year-round. Never heard of the KING one so I will be looking for it soon when I visit Houston. Some liken its texture to smoked salmon. Great info on here!! The one downside: It’s usually the most expensive salmon you’ll find at the fishmonger—but honestly, it’s money well spent. Where I live (near Seattle) the salmon is always marked Wild if it is and restaurants also mention it in their descriptions. Some liken its texture to smoked salmon. Customer service was outstanding. Sockeye Salmon is high in good fats, though not quite as high as King Salmon, and delivers a deep, rich flavor. Coho Salmon from Alaska is MSC-Certified sustainable. Hope this post helps you when shopping for salmon :). Thank you for this article. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. I also love salmon in the sommer. You may unsubscribe at any time. Discuss: Calling all salmon lovers – king or sockeye? King Salmon from Alaska is, Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified sustainable. Very naive in selecting which part of the fish as well. Try it: These Salmon Patties are incredibly moist, delicious and flavorful, and while they can be made with canned salmon, I personally love them with fresh Sockeye or Coho salmon. (Note: Though this is farmed, it’s King salmon, not North Atlantic salmon.) It’s flesh is an unmistakable vibrant red, which is a result of its exceptionally high levels of an antioxidant pigment called astaxanthin. If you’ve taken a look at all my salmon recipes, you’ll notice that I always recommend either Coho Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, or King Salmon—and these species. Chowhound fldhkybnva loves king salmon (also known as Chinook or spring salmon), but has never tried the variety known as sockeye. Its orangey-red flesh has a firm texture, and many consider it the best type of salmon for grilling. Hi Michelle – salmon skin is safe to eat as it contains some of the same nutrients as the salmon itself! Compare Sockeye salmon to Salmon by vitamins and minerals using the only readable nutrition comparison tool. Thanks Tammy! Wild Sockeye salmon is available fresh from mid-May through mid-September, and frozen year-round. I have been fighting sciatica for a long time with no results from doctors, so trying to improve my diet.