The composting process can actually occur on the raised bed. Kellogg Organic Raised Bed Soil Reviewed and Rated in 2020 # Product Name Image; 1: Espoma Company (VFGS1) Organic Vegetable and Flower Soil. Yes, you should line your raised garden bed, since the pros of doing so outweigh the cons. Besides, it’s a great way to clean up the yard from fall yard wastes. A raised garden bed is when a plot of soil is placed into a bed above the surrounding soil. AnimalMother1974 Active Member. With it’s combination of natural compost, topsoil, coco fiber, and a variety of organic material, this soil mix is excellent for general gardening use but most especially for raised beds. I put about 30 cubic feet of Kellogs organic in a 12' x 4' raised bed, amended the shit out of the top six inches with worm castings, oyster shell, bat guano, alfalfa meal and kelp - curious to see what happens with less than $175 spent. My girls are looking great. Not to mention, the 100% organic formula requires no mixing! Kellogg 1.5-cu ft Organic Potting Soil $6 at Lowes. Use Soil Amendments in Raised Beds May 21, 2016 #11 The303Yeti said: If you want good pot buy good dirt. Not every soil is created equal, and the best soil for raised garden beds can be hard to find. 2. Currently using the raised bed soil with added perlite and worm castings. A liner for your raised garden bed can insulate the soil against extreme temperatures, keep moles and gophers out, and prevent weeds from growing. A raised bed liner will also allow water to drain away without taking soil … This bed is often blocked off with planks of wood and has its own special soil mixture. The soil option fills the raised bed with soil that is very similar to what you have in the garden. It seems like the Kellog's is 1/2 wood haha, and no perlite! Even if it does not harm your plants all of that compost is a waste of nutrients. Spread a couple of inches of compost on the bed, and then cover with mulch. It will make a difference. Watering Tips: While raised beds are like pots and drain out more quickly than the surrounding soil, you also don't want to overwater.Let the soil surface dry to about a half-inch deep between watering. Simply add this soil to your raised bed garden to grow your vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs with organic nutrients you can count on. Normal soil has about 10% organic matter, by volume. The mulch will protect the soil from harsh winter weather, keeping the nutrients in the raised bed. Our raised bed soil provides the right foundation your raised bed plants need to thrive. Click Here To Check Price: 2: EZ-Earth Organic Potting Soil Coconut Coir for All Pots Raised Beds 2+Cu ft by Victory 8 Garden. The first potting soil I can recommend is the all-natural soil mix of The Soil Mender Raised Bed Mix. Real Soil Option. Mel’s formula has 60% organic matter of which 30% is compost – that is way too much. Reactions: AnimalMother1974. A single bag is enough for 1.5 cubic feet of space. Using With Other Products: After a month, you'll want to give them some extra love with Nature's Care® Organic & Natural Raised Bed Plant Food!)