The oldest certified olive tree is the Olive tree of Vouves Crete, Greece and is over 2000 years old. This Weekend, Get Huge Discounts on Select Plants and Trees! As noted on the website, some items are seasonal, and may only ship in spring or fall. Sold From California. A list and an appointment will save you a significant amount of time. If taken before full ripening, the fruits are a bright green color. Many of the slabs are stored in locations that are very time consuming to access. Trees are usually pruned to keep the olives close to the ground so long lengths in olive are uncommon. Ripe olives can be pickled, canned, or cured; and make a great snack eaten directly from the tree. Swan Hill Fruitless Olive Trees & Fruiting. Well restored country home for sale in Umbria Italy. Telephone Join our community and get exclusive offers, care tips and more! 1.888.814.0007 / Toll Free (USA) Business Hours ITALIAN OLIVE EXOTIC WOOD. View Our Woods These trees are usually only harvested when they are too old to produce olives or are damaged by disease or nature. Italian Olive Trees require well-drained soil, but are adaptable to various soil types. Equipped with all the modern comforts and a security system, plus a 1,200 sqm garden with decorative plants and olive trees., //, //, //, //, //, Olive trees for sale, filter selections by clicking on the criteria below. We have had planks three feet wide and twelve feet long from three hundred year old trees. Contact Us The Italian Olive Tree is well-suited to growing zones 4-11 and can be grown in any region as a potted variety. With over 100 species of domestic and exotic hardwood lumber in stock, Hearne Hardwoods is one of the largest specialty lumberyards in the world. Sunday / Closed, View Our Products A versatile tree, it thrives both indoors and outdoors in full to partial sunlight. Italian Olive Lumber Angela Raimato 2019-04-01T09:40:03-04:00. An olive tree is easy to plant and grow often bearing some olives at a very young age. It has very dark gray-green leaves that are decorated by small white, aromatic flowers and purple fruits during harvesting season. As a potted plant it will remain compact at approximately 10 feet high and 6 feet wide. At maturity these trees can reach heights of 20 feet high and 12 feet wide. Saturday / 8am-4pm EST Other varieties of green olives have large pits, which make them the … We will then schedule an appointment and have the slabs out of storage and ready for you to view. The Italian Olive Tree is admired for its array of colors. Olive can be found with tiger striping and or burl. They add a special touch to salads and pasta dishes. Terms, Hearne Hardwoods Inc. Italian Olive, also known has Mediterranean Olive, is a dense, oily, beautiful golden brown lumber with brown / black streaks running through it. Olive Trees For Sale. Italian Olive, also known has Mediterranean Olive, is a dense, oily, beautiful golden brown lumber with brown / black streaks running through it. Please Note: If you are planning a visit to Hearne Hardwoods to view the live-edge slabs, we ask that you call ahead with a list of the slabs you would like to see. This allows for a lengthy harvesting window. This allows for a lengthy harvesting window. |, 4″ to 18″, occasionally can be found up to 36″ wide, Fine Furniture, Cabinetry, Architectural Millwork, Guitar Building / Instrument Making, Wood Turning, Wood Carving, Automotive / Aircraft Interior, Inlaying, Box Making and other uses, Dense oily wood, excellent for kitchen utensils, Difficult wood to dry due to oily characteristics and density. Our products include logs, live edge boards, lumber, guitar parts, veneer, flooring and much more. 1.610.932.7400 / Int’l & Local Copyright © 2005-2020 | 2621 Old Nation Rd Fort Mill, SC 29715 | NOT OPEN TO PUBLIC.