Yes, carbon dioxide is a pure substance not a mixture. Carbon dioxide is a compound; in water solution is called frequently carbonic acid but is not correct.The system CO2-H2O is a mixture. Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ A mixture of CO and CO2 is found to have a density of 1.5 gm/L at 30oC and 740 mm pressure. First consider the properties of a pure substance: •made of only one type of atom or molecule •has a well-defined melting point, boiling point, colour, odour, density and solubility. A mixture is two elements which cannot react with one another, a good example would be any noble gas mixed with any other elements, because … Is carbon dioxide a mixture or a pure substance why? CO2 is a pure substance made of two elements, Carbon and Oxygen. A mixture of CO and CO2 is found to have density of 1.50 g L-1 at 200C & 740 mm pressure. The percentage composition of CO2 in the mixture is: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a chemical compound. it is a mixture because H2O is a compound and chlorine is an element, element + compound = mixture, so if pool water is H2O + Cl, then it is a mixture It isn't an organic compound as to be considered organic a compound must have carbon bonded to hydrogen. It gets confusing because the air is made almost entirely of compounds but since there are multiple compounds combined physically and not chemically to each other, it is classified as a mixture. It is a mixture of 1 carbon atom and 2 oxygen atoms. CO2 it is a compound between they are two different elements which can form bonds with each other. Air is a mixture of many elements and compounds. Calculate the composition of the mixture.