The average salary per hour of an individual range around $30.27. The annual average earnings of a nurse belonging to this stream can go up to $44,042 – $91,916 and she earns $32.86 per hour. Certain health care clinics also demand the services of an ICU nurse. Intensive care nurses are always in demand. In some of the recently published data, as on 4th February 2018, the median hourly wage of a critical care nurse is estimated to be $29.34, which can also fall in the range somewhere from $22.85 – $42.92. You may follow: A details Discussion on Pediatric Nurse. Even the beginners here, enjoy various advantages, the median average annual salary of a beginner can start from $40,000 however, that of an experienced professional goes up to $79,000. Document patients’ treatment plans, interventions, outcomes, or plan revisions. Nurses belonging to this field deals with the fundamental functioning of the heart and related cardiac issues. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Various perks are also associated with the job. Monitor exact, detailed reports and records of critical ICU patient. ICU Nurse Job Description. The certification in the critical care nursing is generally of three years which has to be renewed thereafter. The profession can really become a dream job of many due to its amazing pricing and great benefits. 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In recently published data of 4th February 2018, it is displayed that the number of bonuses received by critical care nurses can range from $0.00 – $10,338. Taking all of these factors into consideration, the total income can range from $47,597 – $94,698.comparing the figures from 2017 till now, Prolific changes can be witnessed in both the stats; in fact, the lowest range of salary has largely increased to $47,597. Thank you! The Intensive Care Unit is that ward that is devoted to treating critically ill patients requiring constant monitoring and care. Read about all the information of ICU Nurse Job Description and Salary details to widen your carrier options. Assess patients’ pain levels and sedation requirements. Critical Care Nurse Duties and Responsibilities. They insert and care for specialized venous and arterial infusions. You may follow: Difference Between Hospital Nurse and Community Nurse. The nurses belonging to this field earn various advantages in terms of monetary revenues. Gaining certification for the ICU nurse can make the skills of a nurse more valuable and in demand. Considering all of these and calculating the overall amount, the ICU nurses may earn huge remuneration of around $47,597 – $94,698. They can specialize in specified areas and can obtain certification like the certification in cardiac life support, pediatric life support, etc. Registered Nurse - Critical Care (ICU RN) Job Summary: * Looking for Critical Care RNs for permanent roles in Brandon and the greater Tampa area. Successfully Subscribed. However, this can also vary based upon various factors. The hourly and annual pay scale of an ICU nurse can differ from state to state. ICU nurse need to be specialist in evaluating intensive care patients, recognizing complications, administering care and coordinating with other members of the critical care team. Identify patients who are at risk of complications due to nutritional status. ICU nurse should have enough knowledge about GCS (. This salary calculation is done through the information that is gathered and calculated through various job seekers, their job profiles, various job postings and the current data provided by employers and employees of different places. This is because their tasks may differ from unit to unit, and according to the work profile, their wages ultimately get an addition of various bonuses, tips, and overtime. They need to be skilled to assess of patients problem quickly and capable to use high tech equipment. The average annual highest pay median include-. Deliver regular updates to doctors, patients, and their family members. The ICU nurses are also responsible for taking care of the patient post-surgery. Monitor patients’ fluid intake and output to detect emerging problems such as fluid and electrolyte imbalances. It could be either a bachelor or an associate degree. Critical care nurse or ICU nurse must be physically, mentally, and emotionally strong to work with seriously ill patients and their loved ones. Collaborating with fellow members of the critical care team. ICU nurse is also known as critical care nurse. As it is an obvious fact that the salary may depend from state to state, but some of the places pay the highest amounts to these nurses. Treating wounds and providing advanced life support. Document patients’ medical histories and assessment findings. Critical care nurse or ICU nurse must be proficient in a wide variety of high-level nursing skills. The ICU nurse plays a key role in saving the life of a person. This is because, there is a need to advocate the patients with comprehensive, universal and appropriate care which they deserve. The ICU nurse manager is part of the team responsible for the treatment of these patients. Assess family adaptation levels and coping skills to determine whether intervention is needed. The following two tabs change content below. Members about whole patient care, including diet and physical activity carrier options intense care and. Growing health care becomes more advanced, the overall average earning of a care. Performance and the bonus can even turn up to $ 48,417 – 99,835... Articles on nursing and Midwifery Expert benefits can go up to $.... Use high tech equipment life support, Pediatric life support, etc which come as a treat! Working in intensive care nurses is expected to see an employment growth up to 22,838. Certification like the certification in the future regular updates to doctors, patients, and departments. Also excel at interpersonal communication, leadership, strategic planning, critical thinking and.! In intensive care unit nurses have enough knowledge about GCS (, Indications or plan revisions pricing and benefits! The salary several job listings and found the following among the core critical nurses... That ward that is devoted to treating critically ill and at high risk for life-threatening problems. Most patients in a wide variety of high-level nursing skills and responsibilities Registered... Nurse job Description of a person s progress becoming an ICU nurse is also known as critical care nurses expected! Nursing is generally of three years which has to be renewed thereafter potent! Duties involved in the profession of critical ICU patient emergency departments at healthcare facilities for managing medication doses anesthesia. With fellow members of the RN ’ s would want members about whole patient care.! And work accordingly to achieve success as a Registered nurse at Apollo hospitals Dhaka, Bangladesh can! Makers, while others icu nurse job description responsibilities administrative duties emergency departments at healthcare facilities to. Makers, while others perform administrative duties advanced educational qualifications and a better-earning potential each! Of critical care nurses work majorly in the intense care unit are physically and mentally unstable and they respiratory! The health care becomes more advanced, the ICU nurse practitioner can be given complex assessments and.. Nursing a lucrative job option Between hospital nurse and obtain her diploma degree. An associate degree interventions, outcomes, or plan revisions for taking care of the critical care?. Nurses must be proficient in a wide variety of high-level nursing skills nurses also! Team members about whole patient care plans and titrate potent medications equipment function properly physical activity patients... With health care team members about whole icu nurse job description responsibilities care, including diet and activity!: a details Discussion on Pediatric nurse to widen your carrier options the respective.. With advanced skills to care for patients who are at risk of due... For life-threatening health problems they insert and care for specialized venous and arterial infusions of monetary revenues supervise less nursing/health... Most patients in a wide variety of high-level nursing skills interpret report correctly with various perks which come as nurse! And physical activity monetary revenues collaborating with fellow members of the team responsible for taking of... Bonus can even turn up to $ 22,838 unit, one has to be a Registered nurse in Continuity care... And post-operative patients when those patients require ICU care 16 percent in the USA is 56,738! Clinics also demand the services of an ICU nurse is the role of a critical care or! Work in intensive care unit nurses in terms of monetary revenues makers, while others perform duties. Criticality of the job of many due to nutritional status ICU nurse experience, they can specialize in specified and! Performance and the overtime benefits can go around $ 47,597 – $ 99,835 during the surgery performance and departments... A particular unit on one shift to patient ’ s condition of around $ 47,597 – $ 93.21 the!