Product. Hydroponics, as the technology is called, is gaining popularity globally and a start-up in Chennai, Future Farms, has joined the bandwagon. Get in Touch. ABOUT. More. Showing us around their rooftop farm, Sriram Gopal, 34, its CEO and founder, is pretty charged up by the pace in which they are growing. GROW FRESH GREENS IN YOUR KITCHEN. Gallery. Chennai Hydroponics, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Acqua Farms was incorporated in the year 2019, in Chennai, a large urban city in South India. A simple calorie-dense meal which is healthy and filling AF ??? URBAN FARMING. CONTACT. SEE ALL > BUY NOW. Namrata Patwari via via Instagram. HYDROPONICS. Order Now to grow greens& Veggies. ABOUT US. Produce from @urbankisaan since Their produce is produced using hydroponic farming no pesticides ..saves 95% of water consumption to grow them and is sustainable #UrbanKisaan #FarmFreshForReal. 2.6K likes. hydroponics : Hydroponic growing is the best way to overcome global food and water shortages and produce the highest quality, nutritious produce in any type of climate. CHENNAI: In view of water crisis in Chennai and other parts Tamil Nadu, the state horticulture department will promote hydroponic method under which plants will be … BUY NOW. TESTIMONIAL. It is a precise scientific growing method developed from experiment, experience and observation. Learn How to Grow Your Own High Quality Food at Homes using Hydroponics Techniques READ MORE.