This video from The Water Cooler by Mashable aims to put a stop to this crazy dental damaging routine with 14 easy ways to open beet without a real opener. Open the beer bottle with a metal spoon. Sadly, you don’t always have a bottle opener handy. Method 5: Ring. If you would like to add your method, make sure you … Lever-like items that can be used as a beer bottle opener include wooden spoons, silverware handles, the edges of pots or pans, etc. Many use their teeth to quickly pop it open but it’s a cringe worth moment every time it’s done. How to Open a Bottle of Beer Without a Bottle Opener: This Instructable is a collaboration open to anyone who has a method for opening a bottle of beer, or any type of bottle, without a proper bottle opener. Sometimes you need a beer. Nothing worse than being stuck with a fresh bottle of cold beer but no bottle opener at hand. The ring on your finger can also come handy to open a beer bottle without an opener. Tuck the tip of the spoon under the crown of the bottle cap. Instead of stressing out when you don’t have a bottle opener to open that ice cold beer, improvise like Macgyver and use everyday objects you can find in any situation. If you’re ever stuck up that creek without the right tool, then you need some alternative methods. We’re going to get thorough and teach you every way we’ve found to open a beer bottle without an opener… Here are 7 clever ways to uncap a beer without a bottle opener, including the lighter method, the rubber band method, the spoon method, and more. Exert force downward on the spoon until the cap opens.