Great post. The virtual world is totally different than the real world. I will try to make my life become more meaning, I will capture more value. That’s fantastic Rolling, I really appreciate that you love this article. Congratulations on your work friend. Life also has a BLOCK button like Facebook and Whatsapp its up to us to when to use it. I really appreciate about your words, Hey ! It’s a universal truth that “Every interest has expiry date“. It’s nicely written and worth reading. Humans can’t do everything alone in this universe and hence we must greet people for what we are. All Rights Reserved. Personal Growth and Self Help on the …, If you want more just look here “Best Blog site“. I still don’t know why I studied Thermal Electronics, Mechanics, & Graphics, etc. We must greet our parents, teachers, doctors, friends, mentors, and employees, etc. Remember people who are frightened to themselves do work for who are not. Positive people always have long-lasting relationships than negative jerks, so act according to stay strong & stay blessed. In our life, boldest steps are nothing but a way of executing your imaginations into reality. Really Saurabh… You had a step one front. I think commitment is a key, you expected to read more many posts .bài or thank you have shared. In reality, we are lacking with positive friends & family members. Awesome article. Now you might be thinking about how I become a happy person? This will increase the consumption of medicine & believe me all chemicals suck our body and it’s better to be healthy. Positive thinking will let you use the ability which you have, and that is awesome. Many people forget to validate their passion and goals as per time. Don’t be good on paper; rather, be great in reality and this is possible only by unlocking your potentials. really appreciate. This actually helps me to boost my confidence to work more & write more. No matter how dark the situation you had experienced, it’s important to divert your mindset to accept something NEW and crazy. In my adolescence, it dawned on me that if I wanted a better life - for myself, for my parents, for any future family – the first step would be to plan for it. Spend your time to read life-changing books like an autobiography, motivational and self help. In today’s world, the biggest mistake men and women do while building relationships is that they believe in intangible things of individuals like emotions, monetary support, properties, safety, etc. It’s way more important to understand in the long run. It’s not an easy thing to adopt but practicing and repeating tasks make it happen. Interesting article! Thanks Dhruv, Your words motivate me to deliver more great stuff here ! Today my friend suggest your site and i think i will come right place. It’s not a one day task. Thanks a lot for sharing. Thanks for sharing this great info which is useful for life. My pleasure Jitendra, hope this inspired you and most importantly transform your life into positive way. Nice article. It takes time to become great person, every day we have to work towards it. We see so many mediocre/jerks around us but it’s better than we can keep them away to save our back . Hope you can share more and more interesting post like this. The thing is, the answer Phil is getting is completely true. Please avoid it and say NO to those crazy frogs. Keep rocking with your life Execution is the key to any success. We will show it to the world & discuss its progress in comments. I have read most of your articles and I have to say they have definitely helped me profoundly. This creates a big impact on human psychology to follow things blindly. Behind every successful person, there is a lot of support and help. Hugo, from Tracking Happiness, has written a comprehensive guide on what it means to build happiness and how to be happier.”. Not everyone functions better as a morning person. I feel it interesting, your post gave me a new perspective! People want to be good on paper/resume than they are in reality. (It’s a Dracula for your commitments that not only sucks your time but also diverts you from current execution). I’m not blaming how bad the current education system is. I was night-owl a few months ago but now I’m a morning person. Change doesnt come easy and sometimes it doesnt come at all no matter how much you try.