I was currently using a demon great axe build and it totaly rekt everyone so im wondering if hollowslayer gs is any good weapon? 4 years ago. 4. Made three PvP builds that all focus on a single weapon (as opposed to most of my other builds that have a backup primary weapon for bad matchups). This thread is archived. share. save. Some people can say it's not the 'best' in certain categories like damage and reach, but to me it's the 'whole package' that this weapon brings that makes it stand up against every other GS. Give me your feedback on them! Hollowslayer Greatsword Build. Hollowslayer Greatsword Build. for instance, maxed hollowslayer does more damage to gael than maxed Artorias Greatsword with 99 in every stat. Havel Hollowslayer ftw!!! 83% Upvoted. Take the hollowslayer greatsword and make a lucatiel cosplay. For Dark Souls III on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Hollowslayer Greatsword - PVP Guide #157". Hello everyone, I'm new to Dark Souls 3 and I like to use the Hollowslayer Greatsword, could someone create a low level build and tell me what to increase later? Thank you :) 5 comments. I was skeptical too for a long time, but eventually I learned that it is an amazing weapon and that it fit my style of play in PvP. Hollowslayer deals 30% more damage to pretty much every humanoid enemy in the game (hollows), it's attacks consume less stamina, and every second attack of 2hr1 slashes horizontally. Close. It's a superior weapon to the claymore in PVE and pvp if you're a quality build that doesn't buff or use resins. or if it does less damage, it strikes so much faster, and its unique moveset is more effective. after discovering the sword i really kind of got bored with the game because i find it hard to want to use any other weapon. report . Archived. hide. They still will keep an offhand Crossbow, shield, or other such item, but the focus is always on the mainland Weapon. Posted by 2 years ago.