The thing about raising FlowerHorn is that you could start off with just one 10 gallon tank and the next thing you know is that you are and will be surrounded by tanks just like if you were at the aquarium. Flowerhorn fishes are considered as Vastu fish or lucky fish among certain religious People. The Flowerhorn is actually a hybrid species of the family Cichlidae created voluntarily by humans in 1993. I am emailing to ask if you have any idea what we can expect when a Flowerhorn has had a head injury. It takes its name «Flowerhorn» from the shape of its head called «horn of flower». I have read through the questions on your site and I understand that this fish has the capacity for overexerting itself when agitated or playing and hitting its head on the cover of its tank. The first one that you’ll want to keep an eye out for is hole-in-the-head disease. Symptoms: • Appearance of small, white pits and pimples on the head of the fish, with mucous around them. If the flowerhorn is likely to be the aggressor, you’ll want the other fish to be larger than the flowerhorn and introduced to the tank first to give them the most confidence (and knock the flowerhorn’s a bit) to prevent stress on the less aggressive fish. Flowerhorn With Head Trauma 5/27/06 Hi! It comes from crossing Amphilophus citrinellus and Cichlasoma trimaculatum. Speaking of fights, you’ll want to think about the aggression level of the other fish. Flowerhorn KOK Injury, Treatment, Healing Super Red Dragon - Duration: 23:09. whaczup 7,548 views. This is the same outcome that happened to all FlowerHorn Enthusiasts, Hobbyists and Breeders that I know. ... My New Flowerhorn Has Holes In The Head - Sensory Pits - Duration: 4:13. However a juvenile flowerhorn starting to develop a kok can show potential but there are factors which can maximise the growth and colouration of a flowerhorn these are: Excalibur Flowerhorn pellets were developed to keep your specimens healthy, happy, and vibrant. These pellets contain an exclusive mix of premium all natural ingredients created specifically for Flowerhorn Cichlids. Our formulas will promote more vivid coloration, head growth, and defined pearling. • The fish loses weight, becomes lethargic, loses appetite, and will produce white, stringy feaces. Causes: • It is highly contagious disease and the cause of this condition is Hexamita Protozoa. They truly are “The Ultimate Flowerhorn Food.” Flowerhorn Diseases And How To Cure Them . Flowerhorn foods sold e.g humpyhead will definitely benefit a flowerhorn but if it doesn't have the genes to grow a big head, humpyhead will do very little for it. This hump is called the nuchal bump. Flowerhorn is a great pet fish, highly loved for its magnificent appearance with Kok, a uniquely mesmerizing protruding part in the head, and its friendly behavior with people. This is a rather gruesome looking illness that stems from poor water quality and the presence of activated carbon in your tank. This will present itself as one or two pits/holes in the skin of your flowerhorn’s head. This fish does not exist in the nature.