They can be clearly distinguished from other pigeons due to its charming and beautiful appearance. For at least 500 years—and maybe more—pigeon fanciers have bred wonderfully bizarre-looking pigeons. Revision 11 June 2012; Levi, Wendell (1977). This fancy breed of pigeon is originally developed in Germany in 1960s. EE-List of the breeds of fancy pigeons (ELFP). They are light in weight and looks delicate with a short neck and silver gull markings. Most people prefer to have them for ornamental purposes. Authorized and published by the Section for Fancy pigeons of the European Association of Poultry-, Pigeon- and Rabbit breeders (Entente Européenne d’ Áviculture et de Cuniculture, EE). The Pigeon. Mar 29, 2019 - Explore Britt O'Leary's board "Fancy Pigeons" on Pinterest. See more ideas about pigeon breeds, pigeon pictures, pigeon.