By the time he had finished his elaborate scheme for regenerating society by means of a devoted aristocracy of knowledge, and the diffusion of culture, the year 1848 was past, and with it his fever of Democracy. Nitriding The diffusion of nitrogen into alloy steel to form hard nitrides in the surface layer (typically 250? "In spite, however, of its wide diffusion, and the vast number of shrines dedicated to it, the worship of Siva has never assumed a really popular character, especially in northern India, being attended with scarcely any solemnity or display of emotional spirit. In the two preceding periods the rapid diffusion of literary culture following the Social War and the first Civil War was seen to awaken into new life the elements of original genius in Italy and Cisalpine Gaul. With this in mind, the research proceeds by first constructing and estimating a multi-technology, 29. Anonymous. In geography, the term diffusion refers to the spread of people, things, ideas, cultural practices, disease, technology, weather, and other factors from place to place. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The purpose of an air ionizer is to eliminate pollutants through diffusion, filtration or a combination thereof. Being a good manager is about leading by example. He assumed that the distribution of molecules and of their velocities, at each point, was slightly modified, from the exponential law belonging to a uniform condition, by the gradient of temperature in the gas (see Diffusion). Originally, the story of Perceval was of the character of a folk-tale, and that one of remarkable importance and world-wide diffusion. There are data on the rates of diffusion of molecules. His chief claim to recognition consists in the fact that he transplanted rhetoric to Greece, and contributed to the diffusion of the Attic dialect as the language of literary prose. 132. Cumont), the wide diffusion of the Mithraic religion and the close analogies between its doctrines and those of Christianity. diffusion tubes can also provide valuable data for Stage III. However, we think the problem may be that each well is not being sealed separately which is impeding proper vapor diffusion. Apparently, a staple of American sushi, avocado, is now making its way into Japanese sushi. the devil finished it"), which had been built by Adunay, dispersed over the world the Jews who had put Yahya to death, and previous to his return into the worlds of light sent forth three hundred and sixty prophets for the diffusion of the true religion. Several changes in the control unit were made in the 1960s but the technology remained expensive and had relatively little, 23. 146. All Rights Reserved. "contagious agalactia" in a sentence , "contagious anthrax" in a sentence , "contagious bovine pleuropneumonia" in a sentence , "contagious cancer" in a sentence , "contagious conjunctivitis" in a … Diffusion Solids consist of closely packed particles. If Q is expressed in terms of this unit in equation (I), it is necessary to divide by c, or to replace k on the right-hand side by the ratio k/c. The heat transfer can occur without a corresponding. 29, is liable to become oxidized by the diffusion of the atmospheric oxygen, in which case it can hardly be completely welded later, since welding implies actual contact of metal with metal; it thus forms a permanent flaw. The expansion of trade was due to the establishment of a boat route directly to the island. It was found, for instance, that a film of insoluble copper ferrocyanide, deposited in the walls of a porous vessel by the inward diffusion and meeting of solutions of copper sulphate and potassium ferrocyanide, would allow water to pass, but retained sugar dissolved in that liquid. Peroz had already favored the diffusion of Nestorianism, and in 483 it was officially adopted by a synod, after which it remained the Christian Church of the Persian Empire, its head being the patriarch of SeleuciaCtesiphon. In this manner the diffusion constant can be calculated in absolute units (HC1= 2.49, HN03 = 2.27, NaC1=1.12), the unit of time being the day. As might be anticipated from the cultivation of the plant from time immemorial and from its wide diffusion throughout the eastern hemisphere, the varieties of wheat - that is, of T. But, while the possibility of the diffusion of myths by borrowing and transmission must be allowed for, the hypothesis of the origin of myths in the savage state of the intellect supplies a ready explanation of their wide diffusion. In every large organization, there's a hierarchy of management that keeps the whole operation running smoothly. Therefore where similar myths are found among Greeks, Australians, Egyptians, Mangaians and others, it is unnecessary to account for their wide diffusion by any hypothesis of borrowing, early or late. The dominant culture contributes certain qualities to the smaller or weaker culture and also can adopt certain aspects of the weaker culture. In electromagnetic terms this can be explained using the diffusion equation. In illustration of the very slow diffusion of heat in the solid crust of the earth, and as affording a further indication of the climate of northern Asia, reference may here be made to the frozen soil of Siberia, in the vicinity of Yakutsk. And even in the East plague was confined to more or less clearly localized epidemics; it showed no power of pandemic diffusion. in diameter, evenly distributed over the surfaces to facilitate diffusion of the liquids. The former investigates essentially general properties, such as the weight and density, the relation between pressure, volume and temperature (piezometric and thermometric properties), calorimetric properties, diffusion, viscosity, electrical and thermal conductivity, &c., and generally properties independent of composition. diffusion equation Our aim is to find the heat flux at any point in the medium or its surface. Examples of entropy in a sentence, how to use it. by taking advantage of the different rates of diffusion of the two gases; the solubility of air in water corresponds with the "law of partial pressures," each gas being absorbed in amount proportional to its pressure and coefficient of absorption, and oxygen being much more soluble than nitrogen (in the ratio of 04114 to 02035 at o°); air expelled from water by boiling is always richer in oxygen. Always place the Scentbug on a flat surface to avoid unbalancing and damaging the internal fan, and to promote even scent diffusion.