The leaves, stems, and flowers of this native food … Its natural companion is the wee evergreen perennial redwood sorrel … Redwood Sorrel. This staunchly evergreen form of our native sorrel has deep green leaves marked … … AKS Redwood Sorrel or Oregon Sorrel. A planting of coast redwoods south of Portland appear to be about 100 years old, at the Hoyt Arboretum a 40- or 50-year-old tree on the south slope in full sun is doing fine. Redwood sorrel is a perfect ground cover for woodland or shady garden beds, even for a densely shaded area. Edible. Favorite Save to Favorites 52. My Favorites. Good … Long lived. Edible Uses. The stems and leaf undersides are burgundy. Low-growing perennial with divided, heart-shaped leaflets that form in basal clumps. Hidden spring flowers are white to pink or reddish. ... is a tough evergreen ground cover with large, attractive heart-shaped leaves. Redwood Sorrel is a shade-loving, perennial groundcover with edible, clover-shaped leaves and white to pink flowers - native to the West Coast. Oregon native plant.