Stakeholder typically refers to one who is associated with the welfare and success of a school and its students. + Education Brief: ACEs for Educators and Stakeholders + Trauma-Informed Classrooms PUBLIC ACT 99-0456: A LAW TO ADDRESS THE “SCHOOL-TO-PRISON-PIPELINE” + From Zero to SB 100 (A Teach Plus brief that outlines SB 100 and the views of teachers across Illinois) + Key Elements of SB 100 RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS TO USE WITH STUDENTS When we say that, we're usually talking about the healthy and productive relationships that can develop between the adults in a child's life at home and the adults who work with that child at school. The education and community development sectors have embraced the idea that strategic planning is best accomplished with the inclusion of community. ACES Past President Musings on Preparing Doctoral Students to be Educators The process for completing such a practice brief on teaching in counselor education and supervision by the ACES Teaching Taskforce has taken a level of commitment to excellence and devotion to the profession of counseling that is far greater thaneachmembers’individual POLICY BRIEF: EDUCATION DURING COVID-19 AND BEYOND 3 at large, including local communities, upon whom education continuity depends during crisis and who are key to building back better. The brief concentrates on how educators and administrators can engage community partners, improve school Learn about the policies and practices among educators and law enforcement that disproportionately feed students of color into the prison system. Watch the video below for the history on the movement. Education Policy Brief- ACEs for Educators & Stakeholders; Keeping Children Safe During COVID & Social Distancing; Teaching Children From Poverty and Trauma; The Role of Educators in Preventing and Responding to Child Abuse & Neglect; Trauma Toolkit for Educators A dverse childhood experiences (typically referred to as ACEs) are potentially traumatic experiences and events, ranging from abuse and neglect to parental incarceration. These professionals can identify needed interventions earlier and model appropriate techniques that teachers can use with students with similar behaviors (Education Brief, ACES for Educators and Stakeholders, n.d., p. 9). Over 100 years after Colegrove published The Teacher and the School, Secretary of Education (2009-2015) Arne Duncan adds, “We often talk about parents being partners in education. Stakeholders In Education System. * A growing body of research has made it increasingly apparent that ACEs are a critical public health issue that can have negative, lasting effects on health and well-being in childhood or later in life. The Mis-Education of the Negro (Carter Godwin Woodson) train and develop teachers’ skills. The Association Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Educational Outcomes Among Children Ages 6-17 INTRODUCTION: Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACEs have been at the forefront of conversations regarding early childhood and youth development in recent years. They may also be collective entities, such as local businesses, organizations, committees, media outlets…more. The term adverse childhood experience refers to potentially traumatic events that occur during childhood which can … Educators, realizing the value of diverse perspectives and community support are inviting parents, employees, student and other education stakeholders to inform their strategic planning. Part of fulfilling this mission it to disseminate data, information and ideas to understand and address social determinants of health, like adverse childhood experiences and the trauma and chronic and toxic stress that can result and impact lifelong health. The mission of the CAHMI is to promote the early and lifelong health of children, youth and families. Childhood Trauma and Positive Health. Our movement started when an engaged group of stakeholders heard about The ACE Study for the first time. Since 2012, the Iowa ACEs 360 Coalition has brought diverse partners together to identify and seize opportunities for responding to the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.