Every time ball hits the floor, the drum circle plays. Drumming often played a big part in sacred rituals, such as shamans entering a trance state to con… :V�rK�����CMx�!�c�^Z ���ϊ��N7���!Dz1R%+KIKS���-J��aH�V}VH�x��CQڃ �y�y�E���Ā;�/�l;_t��|Q��u=+v���X���r�h�{���'�����Ϋf��^�ߋ^�U7��OH����,]��.�� ����z!���X�� q$VB���g�ٝ|��V�fv?_H���[q��-����⳻{��n�v��;I�^�Q�%���լ8U�����+�U�zT�n�řޠO�j�#��i �9�r��B���kYpu�P�T��z^|��:%��l3n5u ��Z�W�'Y6�P}Fl�K�ż��5����l�X]Yxg?H�����g��B��G��K�U��}I�T[�&. x���n7�=@�a% �g87N����E��Ţ�,˗�m�����뗷s��!�qڢ�,ϐ��~�{t���]/W�������n��]_�]l�~=��?��>/o�������qq����훶�/J�_���gMQ�5��b����ѧ��ͺ->l��}sz!��WEŋ��o*��*چ��)zQI`rWYܨ��߾�eV�-.������?����5��Z�]əY. Keep it simple. drum resonate, or closed, muffling the hands onto the drumhead. Hand Squeezer ‐ This is a great silent game that can bring a welcome break to the loud, bombastic nature of most drum circles. Experiment with rolling, spinning...etc. 3 0 obj Go around the circle without stopping (like the beginning of the Pass the Pattern game). A game is something that is played out by the participants, left largely to chance, and always welcoming the novel. TONE (T): This is the open ringing sound of the middle range of the drum. Just play what you feel; Don’t hit the drum too hard because it’s not necessary and you’ll just end up hurting your hands; Watch this video to learn a couple of easy drum circle patterns that will give you confidence. Drums are one of the humanity’s oldest musical instruments. %PDF-1.3 How often did someone change the rules? You’re not expected to be a virtuoso on the drum. <> %PDF-1.5 4 0 obj circle has several rows behind it, first discuss how the rhythm will be passed from one circle to the next so there is no confusion. Ball Game – Bounce the ball to a partner. stream stream I tell them that if someone misses their turn, that is a 4-beat rest- we will not give you another turn or stop for you! Drum Circle Facilitation: Building Community Through Rhythm CHAPTER FOUR Arthurian Facilitation Triplicity You will need to use the following three foundational elements as you facilitate successful rhythm-based events: • Tools: Ways to use body language to facilitate an ongoing drum circle event. Drums appeared in just about every ancient culture includingAsia, Africa, North America, Europe, India, and the Middle East. Two categories of musical activity that are more about intra- and interpersonal experiences, as opposed to creating musical outcomes, are Musical Games and Drum … %���� << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> I have to play in a drum circle soon and I don’t know what to do or what to play. x�\ے��}�W ��e���p�ɦ�+َ����v���9=�5A6zU%$x��o����_�7�/�n#k��]�FUSGMee뢏G?E�_u���H���o�������]�'2�ۏ@S�8E��SQ�a:����F]���M.U��CT�k�:z�}�(��D+���#��(���пᵉ���xmǧ���v��H�:��ӫ���[���w�kx��A�O7ѷ��/����,ft�!�2����ٲ�c�z�#u�Y��7���iFW�\�*h�q��Եn���6�HݴRU5`��j�[��_��m��;(مq�v <> endobj Musical Games and Drum Play In addition to using musical instruments to re-create, compose, and improvise music, we may also use the myriad of instrumental options as play objects to both inform and embellish our experiences. Think back to when you were a child, playing games with your friends. endobj jam session, like a drum circle. 2 0 obj A game may be modified, refined, and “massaged” in the moment to make it more useful or appropriate for the players. ��Rn[�ƍ��Q0�u�԰�S�~���0��Z��W����O�� �]7ԫ���r��ʵ��l+�Nt�ͳd�9Y)x�9�W.�@W��B�^���jAu3��C����ifQͣY7�u��Bf�5ZZ]�Y�7@�LGZ��.����w�������}�� O��`��@�j��t��y��hcz�#Kn1�1,�D�m��(�ݕ�)܊����e��Sj�����K+��m� Pmod=��w�I�\�� ��V�n��-n�>�M��p���=(��yUwՅ(��[��v�M�Ta˪�!��������G��lo�xJ���py[ Teaches different articulations (what if you roll the ball), different dynamics, improvisation, attention to the room of music-making. endobj 4 0 obj i�z����Z< S�C#��~�[���'� xL�. For younger students I usually count each person's 4 beats by holding up my fingers towards them. Have everyone hold the hand of Lift your forearm from the elbow, not your shoulder. %��������� Drum Circle Games by : Jonathan DeHart. <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> rating from Lekotek, Drum Circle is a fun way to add musical play to your park or playground. Our tribal ancestors integrated drumming into their cultures as far back as 5500 B.C using animal skins stretched over a hollowed wooden shell. <>>> 1 0 obj