They sell two different sets of plans. So far is looks like a giant fork or something…. The tuners are standard guitar tuners rather than ukulele tuners. This project doesn't lend… Distance between the frets and the strings. I'm not going to write step by step plans on how to build it, but I will give give some hints and helps. The 3D files can be downloaded at the bottom. I also omitted the pickup and jack. A back panel was added to make the sound a bit higher in volume. Take the distance from fret 0 to the body and note that distance. Diy Travel Ukulele Plans: Several of the projects can be finished outdoors, and you won't always require workshop room to complete them. I built this instrument with cherry wood, but any type of wood could be used. Read on to see the entire process. The rough cuts were done with a standard hand saw. They were cheap so I got both. All ukulele plans can be downloaded for free as PDF files that print on paper 36 inches by 24 inches. You may download and print the plans only for your own personal use. All plans are free to download. The “zero nut” was also bought at a music store, but was later replaced by a 3D printed version. Redistribution by any means or format is prohibited. (I have included a 13 7/8 inch scale and a 15 inch scale guide at the end of these instructions.) Now you have to use some math in order to make the ukulele playable. The final result! Making a Homemade Travel Ukulele. For an upcoming boat trip, one of our makers was challenged to bring a home made instrument. See the detailed ukulele build instructions here. The prototype “DIY Travel Ukulele” fret slots were cut using a mandolin fingerboard as a guide. This is a critical step. This is caused by inaccuracies in the positioning of the frets as well as string height. I got the plans from Elderly Instruments. It is very important to sand or grind down the frets to the same height. The main problem is that the intonation is not 100% correct, leading to the strings not playing in tune when playing chords. Jun 17, 2016 - Make a Ukulele With a Pocket Knife. Pat bending the sides. Tuning pegs mounted and read for some strings! Ukulele plans These are the drawings I used to build my tenor ukulele.. You can download this profile as a PNG file which you can use with the free eval. Redistribution by any means or format is prohibited. Transittgata 10A, 7042 Trondheim, Norway, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The strings can however be tuned in relation to each other, and sounds pretty decent when played as open strings or chords that only include one string (Like a C chord). - You can now comment at the bottom of the page. By clicking "download" you agree to these terms. We then inserted the strings, by tying a big knot on one end, and threading it through the holes in the top part of the neck. Sep 8, 2018 - Difficulty: Advanced Cost: $$ If you can’t leave home without a ukulele, try building a travel ukulele. What Is FFT and How Can You Implement It on an Arduino? Norwegian Creations AS Click here for the full terms of the license agreement. Mar 1, 2017 - This (more) travel-sized ukulele project has been tremendously satisfying! The fret slots need to be very This project doesn't lend… The woodworking part filled me with unbounded joy, and hopefully the music part will … Requiring an amp definitely make a ukulele … It was very smooth to the touch after a spending way too much time sanding it. You may download and print the plans only for your own personal use. The saddle (the thin white part) itself was bought at a local music store, but it just probably just have been 3D printed as well. When printed at full size, you can take measurements right off the plans. Such terror! After some doodling and googling of what to make, we discovered this great travel ukulele design by Daniel Hulbert at The ukulele plans below lighten the bracing to provide a more responsive instrument. Aug 12, 2019 - Difficulty: Advanced Cost: $$ If you follow this website, you know that my Travel Ukulele plans are popular. NEW! Both the frets and the body were sanded quite a bit. The space for the saddle mount was created with a chisel and a file. As mentioned, the ukulele came our sounding pretty bad. Buy some decent hardwood instead. One should probably create some kind of jig or find a method to make all these slots identical. I took my travel ukulele design and cut off the back portion. Some wood stain was added to make a nicer finish. Plans. These were hard to get to the correct depth, as well as keeping them parallel. The plastic parts were sanded and painted for extra cool. It was clear that we had to make one! The string turnaround and saddle mount was 3D printed in black PLA plastic. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. We padded our vise with some foam core to avoid crushing the ukulele while drilling the holes for the tuning pegs. Click, - You can now comment at the bottom of the page. The result so far. This can be adjusted with the zero nut height at the top of the neck, and the saddle height at the other end. Difficulty: Advanced Cost: $$ A lot of people seem to like my travel ukulele. We found that a wood cutting board can be a good source of hardwood in this size. Unluckily, you can’t imagine what happens to your ukulele all day long on journeys or when someone transports it out of your sight. I'm not going to write step by step plans on how to build it, but I will give give some hints and helps. Here is a list of 13 practical tips for how to travel with a ukulele for you. : You can't make a ukulele with a pocket knife they say.You need hundreds of dollars worth of fancy tools and super special skills and fancy materials they say.Well you can consign those views to the scrap heap of history. Tutorial: Using free SketchUp software for 3D printing – considerations and useful tools, Getting Started with Programming – Part 4: Arrays and Lists, The height of the frets, they must all be at the same height. The volume is low, but this was expected by a ukulele with no resonance chamber. If some frets are higher than the others, the strings will “buzz” as they touch them while vibrating. The scale is 1:1 and dimensions can be read directly off the plans. I've been asked a lot of questions about how to build one over the years. So our first tip is to spend a lot of time on: We also do not recommend using a soft wood like a normal wood board. I've been asked a lot of questions about how to build one over the years. Org: 998 700 744 MVA It was clear that we had to make one! The other is a generic set of ukulele plans. Normal tuning pegs with a 90 degree angle will be better for tuning, but these take up a minimal amount of space. I'd say Pat's method is definitely better, if you have the right equipment. Ukulelel build, one video: My ukulele build - detailed series: Pat's ukulele build: Bending the sides: I experimented with different methods of steam bending the sides, while Pat used his jigs and a heating blanket. Either set of plans is adequate to build a soprano ukulele. The final … The excess part of the nails were cut off with a hacksaw, and rounded off with a file.