Deep Learning for Images. In this paper we study the image classification using deep learning. However, such models can be difficult and expensive to create from scratch, especially if you don’t have a large number of images for training the model. Deep learning models are powerful tools for image classification. The image classification is a classical problem of image processing, computer vision and machine learning fields. With only several lines of code, we are able to create a powerful Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) model to classify images. This sample shows a .NET Core console application that trains a custom deep learning model using transfer learning, a pretrained image classification TensorFlow model and the ML.NET Image Classification API to classify images … In Dataiku you can build a convolutional neural network model for image classification.. We have reached the end of another engrossing article, here in this article we learned about popular deep learning image classification models in the ImageNet challenge (ILSVRC) competition … With the emergence and advancements of various deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch, solving an image classification task has never been this easy.