Final Smash - It's War. His trailer could start with a large red circle on the screen and then we'd see a chain saw blade cut through it to make the Smash symbol but then the Smash … … 1 Comment. Conker the Squirrel is a red squirrel and the main protagonist of the Conker series.His first appearance was in the Nintendo 64 game Diddy Kong Racing, where he was one of the main playable characters.He later got his own game on the Game Boy Color known as Conker… MoneyMan1002 14 hours ago #1. Super Smash Bros. By MinusBrosZ Watch. For Super Smash Bros. And on the landing, there's no recovery lag. Super Smash Bros. User Info: MoneyMan1002. Conker’s Bad Fur day has the character make use of guns, chainsaws and flamethrowers meaning that his arsenal would be packed in the event he got the green light for a Smash game. 9 Favourites. Ultimate; Imagine if Conker was in Vol. Conker appears … 2. 553 Views. We don't have a character who uses a chain saw. Ultimate Website - Conker. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "If multiple T rated Conker games were made, then would Conker be a better choice". conker conkers conkersbadfurday smash smashbros smashbrothers supersmashbros ultimate conkerbadfurday conkerliveandreloaded conkerthesquirrel supersmashbrosultimate conkerlivereloaded smash_bros … Even at a higher altitude, it'll still deal the same amount of damage. Conker becmoes an anvil and crashes onto the ground.