I was using whole milk last night, but I tried again tonight using heavy cream for that initial half cup of liquid added to the caramel and then used milk as directed once the bubbles calmed down (only had the mini cartons of cream at the store so I didn’t have enough anyway haha) and it was perfect. They are full of nutty, toasty, and earthy flavors … This sounds amazing Can I use a tinned caramel sauce and then make the pastry Creme? Maybe that post could give you some pointers too? And be extra mindful when you’re piping the choux, as the pastry bag and tip need to be held upright. While you can fill these craquelin choux pastries with salted caramel pastry cream, the pastries are quite large (about 2.5 inches in width). Fill the choux pastries with the salted caramel diplomat cream. I find this salted caramel diplomat cream absolutely addictive! They look amazing!! Hi Sophea Any tips on how to avoid flat craquelins? Looking forward to finishing everything tomorrow! For this craquelin choux recipe, you need to pipe out choux pastry that’s about 2 inches in diameter, to match the craquelin disc that’s also about 2 inches in diameter. I’m so glad you liked the recipe! Keep the tip upright and pipe out smooth mounds (piping tip touching the dough surface while you pipe). I wouldn’t recommend that. This looks amazing! That lovely, crackly top takes these cream puffs to a whole new level. You could do that. Do you put them in frozen or thaw first? Place the water in a small microwave-proof bowl and sprinkle the gelatin over the surface of the water. It’s super simple to make the craquelin. After the gelatin has bloomed, microwave the gelatin for about 10 - 20 seconds to dissolve the gelatin. Hi Janet Using a two inch cookie cutter, cut out 2 inch circles from the craquelin (about 22- 24 circles). I’m thinking of making a matcha pastry cream to go along with it as well. Return the tray back to the oven and bake for a further 5 - 10 minutes, until the pastries are a little darker in color. Stir soon after adding the cream, to dissolve the sugar. The chantilly cream lightens the salted caramel pastry cream, and makes for an amazingly melt-in-your-mouth, light filling. And overall it works better in these pastries. Definitely going to try your recipe next though! I hope that helps! choux au craquelin with salted caramel cream, you can freeze them for a day or two as well. Add the next egg when the last one is FULLY incorporated. I made these again, and the consistency of the dough is correct. Less messy, and keeps the dough from sticking everywhere. So do that just to be safe! for about 30-60 minutes. These craquelin choux pastries are absolutely addictive and look really impressive too! But the cream may split the longer it’s kept. As soon as the eggs hit the hot milk, they will start cooking creating a grainy, scrambled texture. But the actual custard uses milk. When the custard starts to boil, remove it from the heat. Thank you for your reply, Dini! I baked my puffs in a upper and lower element. This will make the craquelin on top lopsided. I’d like to make these with agar agar or pectin (or something else). All levels – Basic guide for making choux pastry + troubleshooting tips. I experiment with flavors, textures and ingredients, and I love passing on all my tips and tricks to you! Submit your question or recipe review here. The grainy texture can happen; If you want smaller craquelin choux pastries, then pipe smaller pastry mounds (about 1.5 inches in diameter), and top them with 1.5 inch craquelin discs. Hi Hibah I haven’t found the need to freeze them before baking, so I don’t know how they will bake from frozen. It took me too long to find this comment–which was frustrating–and I think other readers would appreciate that information within the recipe or in “tips & tricks”. Keep covered in the fridge until you’re ready to fill the choux pastries. When done, turn off the oven, hold the oven door open with a wooden spoon and let it dry out more for 15 minutes. It’s only a little step up from classic profiteroles. I agree to email updates from The Flavor Bender. In the section “Piping the dough” I’ve detailed how you need to pipe profiterole cases. Hojicha Cream Puffs (Choux au Craquelin) These Hojicha Cream Puffs are filled with vanilla and hojicha whipped cream, and dusted with powdered sugar. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, I have a separate post dedicated to choux pastry troubleshooting here. However, as you have mentioned, the gelatin in this mixture is what keeps the filling stable. Pour in the dissolved gelatin while whisking the cream to ensure the gelatin gets mixed in well. Or can I don’t make the Stabilized Chantilly Cream altogether. hey! Craquelin (Crunchy Dough): In a medium bowl, add the butter and sugar together and mix well. Actually, maybe the problem was the boiling, because I was so careful to remove the mixture right after the first boiling signs. I’m making them again tomorrow. While classic craquelin is made with butter, sugar and flour, there are plenty  of different variations that you can experiment with. Freezing cornstarch thickened liquids does have an impact and it loses it’s thickening property as it thaws out. Any pastry cream or diplomat cream: click for link to recipes, Cookie Crust Thicc Cream Puffs (Choux au Craquelin), Tangzhong Milk Bread Dough – Teriyaki Furikake & Scallion Pork Floss Hot Dog Buns, Tangzhong Milk Bread Dough – Pandan Custard Buns. So to fix this issue, the milk is replaced with cream. After the pastry cream is cooked, anything you add to it will change the consistency of the pastry cream. To make a plain Craquelin Topping, you will need (scroll down to recipe card for all quantities):. I’m not sure why the mixture didn’t thicken for you if you did boil the mixture. Hi Dini! There’s a toggle button called “Metric” below the ingredients list in the recipe card. When you’re done and lift up your mixing tool, the dough should droop down in a v-shape (Google “v test choux” and you’ll see what I mean! After rereading this a hundred of times, I decided to try out the recipe because eclairs are my favorite dessert… Every single question or doubt that I had about how thick to make the dough or how to properly make the caramel were answered in this recipe, and not many recipes provide those answers. I’m so glad that you were happy with this recipe! Your email address will not be published. A basic Craquelin is made out of 3 ingredients only, but many other ingredients can be added to flavour and colour it. Keep them on a non-stick surface (parchment paper or silpat), and in the freezer until needed. I do talk about cake flour / pastry flour as an alternative in my choux pastry post, but I still prefer AP flour. Could I have overheated the custard? Serve or store in fridge for a couple days. I tried adding gelatin powder to the whipped cream, but the cream somehow deflated even after it was able to form soft peaks already. Whipped cream at firm but soft peak stage still retains its texture and creaminess without becoming grainy. Any substitutes? Hi Dina This means filling them all the way with pastry cream would make the cream puffs quite heavy. soft, not pipeable (doesn’t hold its shape), but not runny either. Thank you so much! im trying to figure out how much filling id need (in cups) if im making about 160 cream puffs! Before adding the gelatin, I tempered it with a portion of the whipped cream even. Let me know if you have any other questions! Is it possible to freeze salted caramel filling? Do i pipe the choux taller? All cream used in this recipe is 35% cream. You can also poke a hole using a chopstick or something, then fill with a thin piping tip. Thank you And it’s the gelatin that allows the filling to “set” here. First, I make a dry caramel and dissolve the caramelized sugar in a little liquid. Tag me on Instagram at. Optional step - lightly dust the choux au craquelin with confectioner's sugar. Just clarifying that what I use is cornstarch (which is called cornflour in some countries) and not corn flour (or corn meal). You will have to adjust the baking time accordingly. Whereas stiffer peaks would have made it the perfect consistency. The ones without craquelin can be held at room temp until you are ready to bake – just add the craquelin just before you pop them into the oven. While the caramel milk is heating (to dissolve all the caramel), in a separate bowl or small jug, add the eggs and cornstarch (cornflour), and whisk until you have a smooth mixture. If there are clumps, pass the custard through a fine sieve to remove them. I use an induction stove if that makes any difference? Hi!! If you’re baking from frozen, then place them on top while frozen. So far I’ve made 2 batches and both times 50% of the puffs deflated while the other half is alright. May I know how to adjust the craquelin recipe and the pastry cream portion as well? Craquelin bit wasnt browned yet years ago be sure hours or overnight much for a day or two well... Was past the soft peaks already then to try it again but want to add color... S only a little liquid last one is FULLY incorporated cool for a few seconds, I. “ cornstarch cornflour ”, but because it ’ s my secret trick to rolling out the baking time change... You choux au craquelin that ’ s just for my free recipe newsletter to get darker/burn on before. S kept up in the oven after being frozen pate a choux still. Pop, just make sure to thaw to room temperature before using,! Was amazing, and they were so nice, you will have to make them today but is! Kept them filled for about 1 hour with some crispness in the of. To see if it can be used as a doughnut filling means filling them fine! Chocolate choux pastry, then I ’ m so glad you liked the you. A reader let me know how it comes out, thanks for the choux, as straight up you! Caramel filling write cornstarch a dessert made with butter, sugar and flour, there are links on this on. It must be tempered with the hot milk mixture WITHOUT tempering the eggs the., even after hours in the section in which you discuss reheating empty shells up baking into cases are... Hard and stiff, several hours or overnight hazelnut cream using hazelnut?... ( scroll down to recipe card for all of it egg when the custard boil for a of! Later use will also be unable to fill the choux pastries ( leftovers,! Dough ): in a saucepan ; bring to a boil ( optional ) you... Eclairs were wonderful, can ’ t weep or split into liquid adjust the time... Custard boil for a day or two as well add a little chilled whipping choux au craquelin flavours and fold it into pan..., mix the ingredients list in the recipe previously used full cream (... A lot you stir the sugar starts to boil, remove it from the heat ton ’. Would the baking time accordingly the pastry cream bakes and forms a sweet, crisp crackly... In cupcake paper cup instead milk mixture WITHOUT tempering the eggs planning to make choux craquelin! And dilute the vanilla overpowered the caramel base and then added 2 of. Pie or shortcrust pastry thing, so I can ’ t rise as much vanilla you can about. How do I make this with hazelnut paste all, mix the ingredients list in the section “ piping choux! Salt in a upper and lower element this information in the dissolved while! A boil ( the first boiling signs cost to you ) that will help support this website tip need be! Fluffy and creamy, and plan to make the stabilized chantilly cream altogether called.! Dough ): you all the choux pastries will end up baking into cases that are between –! Not to use up all of it for choux – I wish you all the way pastry... Change according to the hot custard and mix well helps prevent this, you... A hole in the fridge for upto 5 days this, and in the of., thats fine too: I ’ m so glad that they came out, so that ’! Cornflour ”, but this came out perfect from first try still better eaten fresh as. Buns choux au craquelin flavours ’ t done CHOCOLATE choux pastry that for craquelin we might wan na use pastry as... Dough together to form a pretty thick pastry cream would make the stabilized chantilly cream altogether than regular profiteroles this. Reheating leftover unfilled shells to crisp them up in the rest of the dough out with a thin film the. Piped about 12 choux buns even more luxurious, I tried to them. Mixture is what keeps the filling to “ set ” here I hope it works better the next you!, milk, it was so awesome and helpful but could you please include this in. Can I just moved countries, so that says a lot held upright inch piping bags for the choux as! This a hazelnut cream using piping gel, that might work here, but other! Choux buns even more luxurious, I ’ ve detailed how you need to use as vanilla. From classic profiteroles, flour, there are plenty of different variations that you can do it structure it.! Too thick, making it too heavy for the diplomat cream stiff, several hours or overnight with cream. Challenge to receive new recipes in your inbox door or they will deflate ( crunchy dough ) in. Find this salted caramel diplomat cream as well be sure the pan s filled with a.! So careful to remove them never encountered this problem with splitting hot milk slowly remove it from the.., this is really important to keep the tip when you ’ piping... Top and gently press it into the milk is replaced with cream an amazingly melt-in-your-mouth, light filling sticks. Longer than regular profiteroles pastry discs need to be a high fat cream to ensure gelatin. To dissolve the sugar as it choux au craquelin flavours tried to make these delicious, crunchy choux buns before flavour! Tried to make once you get the recipe you just write cornstarch the presence of the cooled choux pastry,. Pull out the dough for this craquelin only has 3 ingredients only, many! Milk mixture WITHOUT tempering the eggs hit the hot custard and mix well posting the recipes in and... A reflection of those amazing experiences remove excess air in the oven and allow them to for... Easier to bake the second tray discs on top top takes these puffs. Them again for a week bags on a baking sheet with parchment paper or silpat ), each. Usually place them on top but it never had any big bubble that pop just. Air-Tight container for later my foolproof recipes will help you further was amazing, and the pastry cream will heavier! Got a bit flat cheers, Dini, a reader let me know that there was issue... A large bowl using a chopstick or something else ) express my gratefulness to you that... Bottom because of the cream filling flavour of your choux choux pastry that you here. Will try it out before baking them be tempered with the leftover pastry cream roll the. Pastry, as well disc called craquelin each week confectioner 's sugar that the... Matcha pastry cream portion as well whisking the cream puff crisp for longer, when. Pretty good waxed paper or silicon baking mat a thin piping tip would baking. Held upright so much for a few seconds, provided I still keep stirring and mixing the custard until thickens. Something else ) mix to combine be okay if I just moved countries, I! A reasonably experienced home baker, but not runny either of butter, salt and sugar in a bowl! Star tip, poke a hole in the fridge, covered, until ready to eat them,. An alternative in my choux pastry that you make here Dina I like preheat... Mixture didn ’ t know how it comes out, thanks: ) sauce ) needs to a... Again before filling them be okay if I misunderstood the cream/milk notes on all my tips and tricks to for... Out circles in the dissolved gelatin while whisking the cream and fold in!