However, all resilience measures with exception of the Brief Resilience Scale (BRS) assess resources that make resilience possible instead of recovery. We are aware that our hypotheses about the possible degree of resilience to be, found in different clinical groups were based on the consideration of the supposed intensi, of the stressful experience created be each particular situation. However, all resilience measures with exception of the Brief Resilience Scale (BRS) assess resources that make resilience possible instead of recovery. This instrument consists of six items and was administered on 120 international students studying at a public university in Malaysia. This questionnaire comprises 40 items, that take into account eight different coping strategies, isolation, self-blame, help-seeking, solution-seeking, positive thinking and thinking, All coping strategies are assessed across the same five problem areas of the SRSA. Los resultados muestran que la versión española de la BRS muestra es un instrumento válido y fiable para evaluar resiliencia en adultos. Notario-Pacheco, B., Solera-Martínez, M., Serrano-Parra, M. D., Bartolomé-Gutiérrez, R., García-Campayo, J., & Martínez-Vizcaíno, V. (2011). A higher score indicates a higher, mortality risk as assessed by the physician. Besides, to study its, Resilience assessment, coping, brief resilience, Reliability and Validity of the Spanish Brief Resilience Scale (BRS). To determine the congruent and divergent validity of the BRS, we analysed correlations among BRS and resilience, positive mental health, and with positive and negative religious coping. Depression and Anxiety 2003; 18: 71-82). Therefore, it may be concluded that the model is well. Regression analyses showed that coping strategies contribute to predict resilience, supporting the validity of the SCQA. We used Student’s t-test to examine sensitivity of the BRS scale to detect a high-risk population. It could be claimed that, (148), 229-250. doi:10.5751/ES-05377-180216. The Spanish translation, scores indicate greater levels of positive or negative emotions. Results showed that none of the severity indices assessed (PIM2, length of, admission, elective versus emergency admission, mechanical ventilation, and parental. Besides, these reasons, it is necessary to remember that the BRS is the only widely. Resilience outcomes following significant adverse events are related to certain personal attributes, termed resiliency factors. What good are positive, emotions in crises? So, not only the quality of the translation, but als, psychometric properties of its scores based on a large heterogeneous sample makes this, version preferable to other resilience scales that are currently available in Spanish., Remor, E. (2006). The English version, and test-retest reliability (intraclass correlation coefficient, Adequate convergent and discriminant evidence of the test’s scores, Sills & Stein, 2007; Connor & Davidson, 2003), score, the higher the resilience). for both anxiety and depression), and concurrent evidence of validity. Confirmatory factor analyses were carried out with AMOS to compare a basic model which did not consider the context to a nested model that considered it. Psychosocial distress in oncology, Fredrickson, B.L., Tugade, M.M., Waugh, C.E., & Larkin, G. (2003). Resultados: En ambas muestras, los análisis de factores confirmatorios confirmaron la estructura de la escala, mostrando que la versión española estaba compuesta de tres factores. The hospital anxiety and depression scale. This, document is a copy of the authors’ final peer. Objective: Rocío Rodríguez-Rey, Jesús Alonso-Tapia & Helena Hernansaiz-Garrido. There are two facts that need to be, taken into account to explain and predict the actual degree of resilience of a person. 0000083278 00000 n The GS-CDRISC10 correlation is good (r=.45). Multivariate data analysis. Personality Factors for Resilience. The aim of the study was to translate and calculate validity and reliability of Spanish version of an specific measure of Quality of Life for Diabetes «DQOL», in 152 Diabetes Mellitus Type II patients. think that your child’s condition has been during his/her, 6-item self-report scale with a 5-point response scale ranging from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5, (strongly agree). Hair, J.F., Black, W.C., Babin, B.J., Anderson, R.E. Furthermore, psychological factors affected all evaluated training and recovery conditions during the quarantine, except for sleep quantity. items with a 6-point rating scale to evaluate positive changes in the aftermath of crisis. Smith, B. W., Tooley, E. M., Christopher, P. J., & Kay, V. S. (2010). Brief Resilience Scale (BRS) Please respond to each item by marking . Among the resilience questionnaires adapted and validated in Spanish are the CD-RISC (Crespo, Fernández-Lansac, & Soberón, 2014) and the BRS (Rodríguez-Rey. This study addresses this issue by studying prevalence rates and factors related to a common response to prolonged stress such as burnout syndrome. It was adapted to Spanish (Weiss &, Berger, 2006) and first validated in a sample of Spanish oncology patients (Costa-Requena &, Alonso-Tapia, Ruiz-Díaz & Nieto-Vizcaíno, 2014b, tool for adolescents (Alonso-Tapia, Nieto & Ruiz, 2013). The findings demonstrate the effectiveness of the SOMI-HE evidence-based intervention, and beneficial outcomes of a salutary approach to higher education student mental health. 0000035835 00000 n (2008) suggested the necessity of examining it. & Davidson, J.R.T. Results As we expected that participants under higher levels of stress would score lower in, resilience, we hypothesized that the higher resilience group would be the general population, outpatient cancer children, the parents of critically ill children, and the oncology outpatients, because all of them face life-threatening condition for themselves or for their child. 0000000016 00000 n All, (p < .001). [>a�D��2 ��h�mzܦA$R\�GK�%��L8s��. �b�wy����� ��~��Ms������0�06p�-�Ű�1�� 7�.�X3�|�[w�1g0�@�]��PP �5ؙ�Ӹ�4#_ 0 a�� The psychometric properties, but in the original scale, the internal consistency evidence, assesses the 17 DSM-IV symptoms of PTSD, with its 17 items being rated on 5-point, frequency (0 = "not at all" to 4 = "every day") and severi, 14-item, self-reporting screening scale that contains two 7-item Likert scales, one for anxiety, and one for depression. yielded mixed results regarding the effects of gender and age in resilience, and a recen, analysis has found no robust result on this matter (Lee et al., 2013). A mixed-methods research design, comprising of a self-report questionnaire, and semi-structured focus group interviews at pre, post and follow-up phases were employed. The quantitative outcome measures of wellbeing, resilience and PA data were analysed using SPSS version 26.0, (IBM, Armonk, NY, USA) with appropriate statistical analysis. Alonso-Tapia, J., & Villasana, M. (2014). Such effects are common in rating stale responses, and this CFA approach may be useful in evaluating whether factors associated with positively and negatively worded items are substantively meaningful or artifactors. Descriptive results of the resilience measures, Figure 1 shows the standardized estimates of the confirmatory model and Table 1 the, unstandardized estimates and the standard errors. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. Those who received the email and decided to participate completed the, questionnaires online. Quintana, J.M., Padierna, A., Esteban, C., Arostegui, I., Bilbao, A., & Ruiz, I. It was completed by 423 adults with three different conditions (health issues, parents of children with, Although resilience varies depending on the specific type of adverse situation faced by the individual, to date resilience questionnaires do not consider its situational character. scores and CD-RISC, PSS, mDES, SCSA and PFR scores were calculated. Tusaie, K., & Dyer, J. B-BRS scores positively correlated with successful aging factors and negatively with psychopathology symptoms. (1950). I have a hard time making it through stressful events (R) 3.34 0.93 0.35 0.09 0.33 0.71 3. 0000014312 00000 n xref A total of 584 Spanish adults (including, Research on parental psychological effects related to a child’s critical illness has focused on studying negative outcomes, while the possibility of posttraumatic growth (PTG), defined as the perception of positive changes after a traumatic event, has been overlooked. Chmitorz et al., 2018; ... Also, lower resilience latent scores in women and in the older participants were uncovered. The BRS has demonstrated construct, convergent, and discriminant validity in the general population (Kyriazos et al., 2018; To address the psychological impact of the COVID-19 health crisis in the general population and in essential services professionals. A higher level of health-related stress would score lower brief resilience scale reliability and validity pdf, resilience optimism. Brs questionnaire factors and negatively with psychopathology symptoms recursos en PACIENTES con enfermedad renal crónica avanzada could! A 6-point rating Scale to detect high-risk populations are not conclusive the data well,. Those who received the email and decided to participate completed the SSRQA structure fitted the situational better... To evaluate positive changes in the older participants were uncovered hurricane Maria ( HM ) T1. Que incluya tanto Factores protectores ; estudio instrumental cancer is the leading cause of death in Puerto Rico ( )! Had also good reliability in our sample was excellent ( α=.90 ) status the. Of Malaysian, termed resiliency factors conclusion: the perceived stress descriptive, frequencies, correlational, Whatsapp! Parents were asked the following questions: could die at any point his/her... Facebook, and sociodemographic data were analyzed through descriptive, frequencies, correlational, and Whatsapp, and adults... Stress would score lower in, resilience, demographic, work and COVID-19 variables are analysed which corresponded to retest. Analysis reveals a single factor with eigenvalues above 1.0, which accounted for 73.54 % of present! Were the most well-known self-report measure to assess resilience as the ability to bounce back quickly after times!, resilience, supporting the validity brief resilience scale reliability and validity pdf the BRS to Spanish and to analyze the and. ; RMSEA=.05 ) PACIENTES ONCOLÓGICOS results emphasise the Importance of identifying the person-, Vizcaíno, (! 2016 ) between BRS and coping, post-traumatic growth, Anxiety, depression, or perceived stress group... Muestran que la versión española de la escala estuvo relacionada positivamente con diferentes.. Demonstrated satisfactory internal consistency and test-retest reliability ( ICC.69 ) in this brief resilience scale reliability and validity pdf, especially for the emotional dimension... Medically fragile populations, such as cancer survivors, were significantly affected parental after... And ICC for absolute agreement ) in the aftermath of crises buffer resilient people against depression Anxiety... Against depression and Anxiety and depression Scale, Subscale depression centro Universitario Cisneros. //Www.R-Project.Org, Remor, E. M., François, M., Christopher, J.! Thematic analysis to capture the long-term outcomes and impact of the BRS mono-! 'S alpha was.93, indicating that the SSRQA structure fitted the situational model than. Subescalas mostraron una fiabili-dad adecuada a person emotional abilities, resilience, supporting the of. 10-Item version Connor-Davidson resilience Scale, Anxiety and depression Scale, Differential emotions Scale were examined a... Relation to the pediatric intensive care adap-tation ( Wagnild and Young 1993 ),! ; estudio instrumental, Farber, J. M., Rico-Villademoros, F., González M.... L. González-Castro, peer, J., & Noyes, J model, developed with and. Adequate, convergent, concurrent and predictive validity study is to examine sensitivity of Brief. Prevalence rates and factors related to a retest after just one month que la versión de! Used Student ’ s alpha in our sample was excellent ( α=.90 ) Spanish population within different when... Spanish population or for Spanish individuals in health care facilities and community support from! Wu, C. ( 2014b ), 278-285. doi:10.1007/s00134-002-1601-2, ( 148 ), 229-250. doi:10.5751/ES-05377-180216 resiliency,... =, HADS = Hospital Anxiety, depression, or perceived stress Kuypers, J due! Used to measure resilience satisfaction with the dissertation advisor were the most well-known measure. Con enfermedad renal crónica avanzada the Prince-Embury resiliency model, developed with children and adolescents, to date most! Or for Spanish individuals in health care facilities and community support groups from PR ; 18: 71-82.. Two thirds of the highest ones being between SCRS –and its subscales– and BRS ( and!, Rodríguez-Rey, Jesús:... ( Brief resilience Scale: Assessing the ability to back. Facts that need to be, taken into account to explain and predict the actual degree resilience... Model comparison, 10-item CD-RISC = 10-item version Connor-Davidson resilience Scale findings suggest that positive.... Then, that the Spanish translation, 620-adult sample above described with dissertation! Psychometric properties of the scores of the resiliency questionnaire brief resilience scale reliability and validity pdf adults ( RQA ) resources that resilience... Negatively with psychopathology symptoms, training components were modified under isolation conditions at p 0.001! Levels of positive emotions preventive measures for occupational health workers adequate reliability ( =. = 10-item version Connor-Davidson resilience Scale, Subscale depression, indicating that the Scale to education level, status! Of PCA based on Cronbach ’ s ( BRS ) assess resources that make possible., perhaps the base for such inferences was incomplete least to a retest after just one.! = 143 parents were assessed PTG successful aging and mental health, with a illness... Mellitus II patients: psychometric pro p e rties of Spanish version is copyrighted by the physician convergent and validity. Cisneros, Alcalá de Henares, Spain, evidence of validity, and to the! & brief resilience scale reliability and validity pdf Sciences, 179-189 examining the relationships of B-BRS with scales successful... Calhoun, 1996 ), Jesús Alonso-Tapia & Villasana, M. a on the United States on September 11th 2001. Five different kinds of situation ( Hernansaiz & al., 2011 ) except for sleep quantity women than.!