One of our favourite USB amazon microphones on Earth. Check out the Razer Seiren Elite for an alternative. But our best budget USB microphone has a little brother, and it’s the iCE. Your eyes don’t deceive you: Yes, we did already list the Blue Snowball back in 4th position on our ranking. + Cardioid polarity pattern. Another great feature of the Q2U is that it has both a USB output, and a standard XLR mic output. In 3-dimensional terms, they have an apple shaped field in which the microphone sits at the core of. Pros: + Cardioid pickup pattern Condenser. The USB provides the pre-amplification then converts the audio data. USB microphones can be seen as bridging the gap between a computer’s mic and a more professional mic setup. The premise is simple: If you can plug a mouse, keyboard, or external hard drive into a USB port, why not a microphone? That said, don’t worry too much about learning the ins and outs of this distinction. This gives musicians and singers the access to recording in a home studio set up without the need for an audio interface at all. + Comes with useful accessories including a storage pouch. Whilst a relatively new company, they are an inMusic brand own a variety of reputable brands that know a thing or two when it comes to audio production, M-audio NuMark, and Alesis to name a few which should help put minds to rest on reliability. It offers great sound quality we have no real gripes with it. Snowball iCE is the fastest, easiest way to get high-quality sound for recording and streaming. It offers unbelievable sound for a reasonable price. So you can expect high-frequency pickup without the muddy lower ends dampening the quality of musical recordings or unwanted background noise from your environment. Samson is an industry leader in professional audio since they embarked on their journey in 1980 pioneering wireless router microphone technology and going on to set the bar for industry standards in USB condenser Mics. The audio production world is opening up to amateurs and newbies. + 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz + Fraction of the cost of close competitors. It is moderately priced, and widely agreed to be a great quality choice for its price point. Otherwise, they have very similar spec sheets. Whilst its equalization is mainly at a mid-range, and its polar response doesn't appear to be as fine-tuned as some offer it definitely offers value for money. + High-quality components and meticulous engineering. 4 years ago. Why We Liked It - We included this in our reviews as another budget USB mic alternative in live demo's it does a pretty impressive job, though we daresay it is more suitable for VOIP or narration purposes. That said, there are many legitimate uses for USB microphones. ideal choice of microphone for recording vocals, good USB Microphone for vocals as is AT2020, invest a few bucks for a USB recording microphone, review of the top ten best pop-filters for the Blue Yeti, Sennheiser E609 Supercardioid Guitar Microphone Review, AT2020 USB+ Cardioid Condenser Microphone Guide. For most basic audio capture applications, the two types will both do the job just fine. It has a pop filter but it doesn't appear to be of a superb quality. Snowball ice is even Skype and Discord certified, ensuring great results No matter how you use it. That said, dynamic mics are the standard choice for speaking, and are a common choice for singing. The body shapes of the microphones determine whether the axis extends perpendicular to its diaphragm or not. Whether for business or pleasure- whether entrepreneurial or recreational- these mics can help you pursue your goals with clear, powerful audio. This means it won't be any good for mounting up a drum set nor recording at distances but the Samson Go Mic is a fantastic option for conferencing, audio notes/memos and is especially good for in the field or on the go audio recording. The Marantz professional USB Condenser Mic is the top of their current line of USB options and provides exceptional audio production. The low cut switch does a fairly bang up job of removing low rumbles from vocals. Features a smart LED that helps with the level setting as well. Omnidirectional - Best for capturing the overall ambiance as it records the whole surrounding area. + Good acoustics. Let me be frank. Read on for a comparison between a few different alternatives to the Blue Snowball. Why We Liked It - Whilst your probably not going to produce a hit record with this Samson Go Mic, you might find it incredibly useful tool to 'pen' down you next big song. However, if this distinction is not important to you, this mic could be a great choice. This propriety Tri-capsule array essentially means that you are getting 4 for 1 of the most well-regarded microphone pattern types used in the professional industry. This mic can therefore be used not just for USB applications, but can take the place of any mic in a live speaking or singing environment. It is, unfortunately, something you have to come to expect with a low price tag the cheaper production goes hand in hand. So it is probably from a production line that fabricates for a variety of mass-produced brands. + Range of accessories including shock mount. If you are recording more powerful audio and you want to keep your distance fairly consistent, consider a dynamic mic like the Samson Q2U. Best USB Condenser Microphone For Vocals? They are about the same price. Why We Liked It - The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ recording microphone is sensitive enough to replicate a pristine representation of inputs but not so sensitive the background noise interferes. I bring this up, because with this category, we are looking at two mics which could be used in a pinch for serious music applications. This mic is omnidirectional, meaning it captures sound in all directions. Design-wise, not much has changed — the microphone is a singular sphere, mounted on top of a tripod base. That being said it appears to be a sturdy nature and has received great feedback overall as another simple plug and play USB mic option. Put in simple terms, consider a condenser mic like the Blue Snowball for applications where you are recording more delicate audio, or if you want to place the mic in one location and vary your distance from it. The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ USB recording microphone has great latency and can be monitored in time with its featured headphone audio jack like the RodeNT. This is another inexpensive USB desktop condenser choice. If your budget still happens to be a little lighter the FiFine performs well for its monetary value. Depending on the professional quality you are going for you might want to invest a few bucks for a USB recording microphone. + Superior transiency response. I’m a professional musician and producer, and if your aim is to produce music at home, then I still highly recommend the traditional setup with a separate audio interface.