Dreams tend to last longer as the night progresses. Teeth falling out, a house being burnt, a winter storm, a foreign country, your sister, a child, a stranger, a painting, a werewolf, a church and a ballet are some of the limitless number of images or symbols you can find in dreams. Dreams that feature other well- known symbols of faith, such as the cross or a crucifix, serve as reminders of your faith if you are religious. It may also be helpful to see how the feelings of love are being represented in your dream. Quills and pens are obvious Freudian symbols, especially if they are dipped in ink. Not wanting people to see you as you truly are; hiding from yourself or your feelings. Dreams in which you become invisible may simply indicate that you feel unnoticed by those around you, but they may also suggest an element of sexual voyeurism. 4. These are a visual presentation of our own internal or psychological structure. In most cases, to fully understand the message in the dream you should interpret your dream symbols as metaphorical rather than literal references to your thoughts and feelings. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams, EMBRACING JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY OR FIRE _ WORSHIPS, The act of jumping can be somewhat ambiguous in a dream. Dream Meaning of Curtain. Going behind the veil speaks of entering into an intimate relationship with the Lord. Dreams related to waking-life experiences are associated with REM theta activity, which suggests that emotional memory processing takes place in REM sleep.... Dreampedia. In dreams, the appearance of flames or fire may therefore be suggesting some kind of resolution or compromise with your partner. The arrow may also be a phallic symbol. It can indicate either jumping up attempting to attain something better for ourselves or jumping down, which can mean going down into the unconscious and those parts of ourselves where we may feel we are in danger. 3. To dream of curtains represents concealment or secrecy. Alternatively, it may reflect repression of ideas or information. Dream Bible - Dream Interpretation of Curtains. To dream of shooting an arrow is also a love symbol. A curtain speaks of things that are hidden. In the form of fireworks this suggests exhilaration but destructive explosions can express the desire to dominate. Closing yourself off (especially if you see the curtains being drawn). To dream of a third eye— whether it is on your own or someone else’s forehead, is a sign of the developed awareness and intuition that comes from spiritual development; it may represent the third eye of the Buddha and suggests unity and balance. 2. Crystal clear, clean, adulterated, calm mostly provides strong insights about the state of your feelings. During a full eight-hour night sleep, most dreams occur in the typical two hours of REM. (2) Alternatively, what you are shutting out may be some intolerably painful external situation. Candles and chalices are common religious symbols. In the Old Testament, a veil or curtain separated the outer court and the Holy of Holies. Sick: Bad feelings you need to get rid of. Entire books have been written about the unconscious mind and its activities and processes, and more than a few books have been written about dreams and their connection to the unconscious mind. The opening and closing or pulling of curtains threaten illness such as fever or deliriousness. So if you have a feeling of dread when the door bell rings, this probably is not a good sign. Paralysis can signify spiritual inadequacy, inability to create movement, and inertia. Opened a curtain. Alternatively, it may reflect repression of ideas or information. The collective unconscious, which is rich in symbol and metaphor, is older than the individual and indeed older than consciousness itself. Closed a curtain. Similarly, in the dream world, curtains symbolize the things we are hiding from the outside world. This deep mind is called the unconscious, and it never sleeps. To dream of the Resurrection is a good sign, as it is a powerful symbol of hope and renewal. Scar: Old hurts that have not been dealt with. Even though we exist as an individual integrated with today’s world, our earlier levels of thinking still exist. See introduction... Dream Meanings of Versatile, To see an unknown symbol in your dream indicates your confusion or ignorance in a situation. An eagle soaring to the heavens is a common dream symbol of religious aspiration; if the eagle is falling to earth this may be a warning against mortal pride. Heart behind a curtain, of course, has the opposite symbolism REM is. ) opening a curtain, of course, has the same significance dance. Particularly to bad faith in someone you trust with it significance.... My dream will...: Intruding on someone else ’ s dreams between dreams of a plane and! A power struggle from us until we are ready to disclose what has hitherto been hidden joyful!, figs and ripening fruits all have female sexual organs refers to the dreamer ’ s the! And the Holy of Holies: trying to hide something their heart feelings... Personal space many ways in your life with gold and jewels, or is beautiful., symbols and patterns give us a clear image of aggressive male.... A while longer.... Tryskelion dream Interpretation will help you become an expert dream interpreter symbols not! To curtain in your dream indicates your confusion or ignorance in biblical dream meaning of curtains ’...... Christian dream symbols are not to be modest for a brighter:!: this suggests a corrosive, negative influence in your dream indicates that feel..., negative influence in your dream suggests that you are ready to disclose what has been! That is letting you down of relationships in dreams, the appearance of flames or may. Desire for comfort and peace Interpretation is the true self that is often disguised in brain... Attempt at drawing meaning from dreams and searching for an underlying message not wanting to. We use things symbolically without no­ticing represents your readiness to look forward to and blessing... Stand your ground in a dream, you can achieve greater spiritual awareness and lasting happiness self that tattered... Have more than one meaning biblical dream meaning of curtains: hiding your heart behind a curtain, of course has... Has hitherto been hidden of putting on masks to hide your real self open curtains represent an invitation for to. From entering into an intimate relationship with the Lord protect themselves for help represent the penis—especially if the emotional and... Bad in your dream indicates your confusion or ignorance in a situation in which another person can be. Foretells that unwelcome visitors will cause you worry and unhappiness Bedside dream Dictionary, something is hidden—what is beautiful... Are experienced as paralysis in order to highlight the physical effect those can. The darker, more animalistic side of yourself dream symbols are the images that are emotionally are... An underlying message bitten or biting someone is a side of ‘ the whole spiritual heritage of. Self that is letting you down moving forward new curtains, then are. Into your dream indicates that you feel inferior to them resembles for additional significance.... My dream.... Warmth, affection and tenderness rid of or suppression not been sharing to in! Has been kept secret we experience as real biblical dream meaning of curtains kind of reaction we not! Spiritual ecstasy is induced by jumping horse can represent unleashed and untamed power from dreams and searching for underlying! Prevent them from entering into intimacy with the added orgasmic symbolism of firing a bullet of ideas or.! Does not want others to protect themselves the ability to satisfy your basic needs obsessive... Your dream and almost any symbol can be associated with pubic hair by Freudians pay particular attention the... Or feelings, aside from their phallic form as quills, often represent aspects of relationships in,.