Play the Notes ALL Saxophones. Bassoon. This scale book includes warm-ups, major scales, and arpeggios in all keys, chromatic scales, and a complete bassoon fingering chart. Chromatic Scale Sheet For Bassoon The Chromatic scale is a series of notes played in succession - ascending and descending without any skips in intervals. Sight-read. 1: The Harmonic Chromatic Scale. The chromatic scale should be MEMORIZED and played in eighth notes, suggested tempo quarter note = 120. Bassoon Scales A Major D Major G Major C Major F Major Bb Major Eb Major Ab Major Db Major Gb Major B Major. The harmonic chromatic scale is the same whether rising or falling and includes all the notes in the major, harmonic minor or melodic minor scales plus flattened second and sharpened fourth degrees. All middle school students are also required to perform their Chromatic Scales listed at the bottom of the page. half note =88) Major C, … • The double-tonguing scale exercises described on a separate sheet, one octave in the middle range in C major, quarter note = 108. • Exercise #1 on Rhythm Worksheet #6. Bassoon Goals: Scales & Arpeggios is a comprehensive scale book for beginning through advanced bassoonists arranged by Amanda Pierce, Blue Moon Bassoon LLC. Bassoon Studio Overview Dr. Bellamy’s studio relies upon establishing a symbiotic relationship between student and teacher, which creates not only a sense of trust and engagement, but also one of responsibility, with each holding the other accountable for different parts of the learning process. Finger the Notes 3. Clap the beat and chant the rhythm, and conduct the beat pattern while you chant the rhythm. Chromatic Scale: Play from C below the staff to F above the staff, TWO octaves AND a fourth. Say the Notes 2. 1. Slur as you ascend, staccato as you descend. This leads to a single fifth, single tonic key-note, single octave key-note and pairs of every other degree. 1. ... c harmonic minor f harmonic minor bb harmonic minor eb harmonic minor (g#) ab harmonic minor Chromatic 33 3 33 3 3 3 3 333 333 3 33 3 3 3 33 3 Bassoon p. 2 2. For all High School audition music please visit and find the Prescribed Audition Listed on the page.. For Middle School Auditions Please use the Odd/Even Year selection below. With developing the ability to self-teach as an overarching goal for […] 2. 1. If scales have been modified please follow the written articulations If scales have not been modified and not extended, please perform them slurred ascending and tongued descending. Chromatic – In a triplet pattern, two octaves starting on low C Diatonic scale use the pattern (M.M. Imagine playing every note on the piano without skipping any. • Chromatic scale from Bb1 to E4 in sixteenth notes, slurred, quarter note = 72. Region 14 Home Calendar All Region Music Rules & Guidelines. Chromatic Scale: Play from F - F, TWO octaves. Title: Bassoon - Alto Saxophone Author: