I assumed that it was not a statin but after only 7 pills, I was again completely crippled. 31 years experience Psychiatry. Patients report Lipitor withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing the use of the medications. The drug manufacturing company, Pfizer, markets Lipitor … He weened off the Lipitor … Withdrawal: Sense of discomfort with other physical symptoms … When I read the full column on side-effects in the packet for Avorstatin, I realised that I had about two thirds of the symptoms… My symptoms sound like those caused by taking lipitor but I'm wondering if going off of it could be a form of withdrawal… Common Side Effects Of Lipitor A 33-year-old member asked: what is it like to suffer from withdrawal symptoms? I am wondering if stopping the drug Lipitor could be exascerbating the problem. Dr. Alan Ali answered. lipitor. My husband has been on Lipitor 10 mg about four years and this past year he developed insomnia from the statin. Common Questions and Answers about Lipitor withdrawal symptoms. lipitor withdrawal symptoms. erin87800. After that, doctors can prescribe it by its generic name, atorvastatin. Individuals react differently to the withdrawal and experience a variety of symptoms that range from mild to serious. Bad Lipitor withdrawal symptoms Follow Posted 2 years ago, 6 users are following. However, unlike most statins that have cheaper generic equivalents, Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company that created Lipitor, continues to have the exclusive right to market this medication until 2011. Lipitor withdrawal symptoms.