Kraft Singles are American cheese, which is a processed cheese product rather than a natural cheese like cheddar or Swiss. But they're definitely not the stuff of healthy, organic eating, since good ol’ Kraft … Some dietitians have already reported fielding questions from clients on whether Kraft Singles are now “healthy food.” In these member communications, AND has also suggested that the … In addition to the original yellow Singles, Kraft makes 2 percent milk Singles … I believe the “Kids Eat Right” logo—whether meant to be a seal of approval or not—would have sent the wrong message to parents looking for healthy … These slices are made with milk, whey, milk protein, milk fat and more than a dozen other ingredients. But Kraft Singles are not the way to achieve those goals. Kraft Singles have a moisture content of no more than 44 percent and a fat content of no less than 23 percent as well as more approved added ingredients, so it has to be called “pasteurized process cheese food.” In short, Deli Deluxe is closer to “real” cheese than Singles… Kraft Singles: Those individually-wrapped, yellow American “cheese products” that, when slapped between two slices of Wonder Bread for a grilled cheese sandwich, can be pretty tasty.