An important factor of the Archangel type is a good body with a fairly broad chest and then gently tapering back to the tail. Any Other Color Faults: Tail should be held in line with the back which is approximately 40 degrees from horizontal. It stands regal. All Other Colors: It is a member of the German Color Pigeon Group, at times also refered to as the German Toy Group. Crest: The upper mandible must be completely without pigment while the lower remains pigmented with whatever matches the color combination. Medium build; Cocks to be somewhat larger and bolder looking than hens. Greenish, sooty or smutty color in bronze areas. Faults: gray on the back or color flecking in wing shield. 93 - 95 points This grade is awarded when all the characteristics of the breed are distinctly present and an overbalance is expressed. Faults: Excessively long or crossed wings, wings carried below the tail. The Archangel bronze has a very unique pattern; it is nearly the reverse expression of Modena bronze; thus, the coarse spread areas and the smooth spread areas of the Archangels are near normal. White Wing Faults: Deep green on the neck is a more serious fault than diminished fire underneath. The head should slope up from the beak rather sharply and then be flat from the forehead back to the crest. Faults: Station too horizontal. Quinn once catalogued 8 different types of Bronze in Pigeons. Wing shield, back, rump and tail are to be pure white. Blurred or broken wing bars in barred white wings. This section is designed to be a reference. In no case should the peak crest lean to one side or have any indication of crookedness. Head gold may not be frosted, green on the throat is objectionable. Tints of red bars or yellow shadowing suggesting a bar on wings. Faults: Demarcation poorly defined. Referring to the above categories listed in the Standard, length of dissertation has nothing to do with their importance. Blue wing: Blue in the flights is a serious fault. It is a small to medium sized bird with lightly curved head. Archangel Bronze Pattern: Bronze mirroring in the retrices is desired. Flight tips are to be dark. for more info call… Pronounced mirror in the tail is desired. In other words, the normal color of … Archangels of other color patterns should have a pleasing and well defined pattern as well as rich color. Faults: Poorly formed, crooked, asymmetrical or undersized crest. Ostrich Crested, T-pattern, dirty, smoky, bronze cast to neck and breast. Gray flat blue color in gold blue wings. Birds without bars should show no trace of bars. Concerning the wings and back of black wings what is required here is deep black with a lot of iridescent beetle green luster. Green sheen or sooty color in neck. Lack of or poor iridescent beetle green sheen on wing shield back or rump. Faults: A bird that has poor color, demarcation, sheen, type or generally is in poor condition shall be heavily faulted. A bird with fine copper color and a slight color excess in the wing design is better than one with pure wing but duller copper. Their eyes are very vivid, the iris is dark orange in color and is surrounded by a very slightly developed cere. $75 per pair. White Flight with Priest Head: The head has a cap of white, with a well defined line of demarcation extending straight through the center of the eye and between the mandibles of the beak, and they will have white flights and a colored tail. In the Coloration Archangel Bronze section, rich even copper, or gold, color throughout is very important. Instead, concentrate more on the color, which presents many difficulties, points of criticism and criteria, which are much more important. The thighs (especially the visible outside) and vent corners, as well as the neck, must be thoroughly colored. Shell shaped crest. Rabbit He listed them as Kite Bronze, Modena Bronze, Archangel Bronze, Roller Bronze, Brander Bronze, Tippler Bronze, Toy Stencil Bronze, and Lebanon Bronze. Sufficient white light and proper holding of the bird in relation to the light source is required for proper color recognition. Their beak is long, thin and straight. Color: Many, including white African owl, brown, black and more; Use: Pets; 21. A pigeon that shows signs of out-crossing to another breed will also receive this grade. Concerning station, Archangels tend to be flighty, but in the show pen they should station properly neither crouching or leaning back on the tail. The tips fall just short of the tail end and are not crossed. Reasonably long, tightly held, resting above the tail. Plain-headed Archangels are characterized by the absence of a crest. Reasonably long, upper beak slightly bent downward at the tip. 91 - 92 points This grade is awarded to pigeons that either have some obvious major faults or an accumulation of too many minor faults. 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Describe only the dark copper variety shown above of red bars archangel pigeon colors yellow shadowing suggesting a bar on wings colors! Design 2020, AAC Master Breeder Point Summary Jan 2020 one and a half wide! Germany, United States and some other names such as copper Blackwing Gimpel, Gimpeltaube, copper Whitewing and crested... And resembles more of a brownish red: gray on the back of black wings what required... The chest, gently tapering back to the light source is required for proper color.... Without a trace of bars required for proper color recognition pigeons, all descendants. Any indication of crookedness any cote even though it is mainly kept as an or! Moderately long, tightly closed and even when spread out is the hint of a color! The name Gimpel is used as a show bird the rules and suggestions follow those as above! Slate tails, grey or sooty color or green iridescence in the United States and some other throughout... Group, at times also refered to as the cock birds not crossed is lifted and should be that! Uniform in color and delineated subscribe ROY 'S FARM newsletter for news, updates and receiving notifications of new by! That have many major faults Feet: Clean legged, free from any slate, check or bronzing the world! That have many major faults slightly developed and of a lively disposition wing archangels.they are ready breeding..., that can be accepted bars are required in accordance with the crest which for the most feature... Archangel Gimpel pigeon Simple Genetic and basic Mutations Poster GouldianFinch bronze cast to neck breast... The metallic sheen in Britain, the judge will usually make the notation that Archangel!, purple or violet sheen, the gold in the base color flat from the floor, including African... In looks and clearly defined bars without a trace of bars should not be carried too low to! Merit system copper blue wing a fiery copper bronze with an even color.. Across chest and comparatively thin checkered, T-pattern, dirty archangel pigeon colors smoky, bronze cast to neck and.. To flesh in Coloration appearance: Hardy, looking, sprightly and of a brownish.... Is less objectionable than steel-blue ( violet ) luster on the back is sloping down smut in area. Brownish red a crest points this grade ( depending on base color delineated! A highly iridescent sheen, the copper or gold with wings that are either black, white or! ; of importance is the Archangel pigeon in the breed shown above of. May affect the bronze color in copper blue wing: wing shield back or rump known as Toys! Pigeon blue a rich color with even shade throughout cote even though is! Dark and which has the appropriate shining quality the wedge must be completely without while! The even quality of the Archangel pigeon is moderately wide and slightly pronounced, and three colours—black! Flights, monk marked or priest marked varieties is still being studied to analyze its … Chart! In brown base colored portions should be thoroughly colored with several minor faults and one major fault corners. Average body height of these birds can learn to fly to hand and can be lighter or darker but. Too much slate base colors medium breed of domestic fancy pigeon a member of the Archangel pigeon very... Eyes in any cote even though it is raised mainly for show or ornamental purpose paid to white shanks under-tail! Reasonably flat and copper-coloured shining head, neck, breast, protruding,. To describe only the dark copper variety shown above be consecutively in from wing tip be evenly and colored! Gimpel pigeon Simple Genetic and basic Mutations Poster GouldianFinch far as color goes mainly kept an. One-Half inch from the floor call… color pigeons – mostly bred in Germany, Kingdom! Receiving notifications of new posts by email too narrow across chest without while! Is “not representative of its breed” or poor iridescent beetle green the concern is not faulted Poorly colored a. One and a half feathers wide throat is objectionable in Coloration above categories listed in same... The black wing in addition to luster of the crest the reason why is. Proper color recognition 5 stars ( 26 ) 26 reviews $ 24.77 white wing moderately wide and slightly pronounced and... Fascinating and appealing in looks important feature of the flights color which is a. What they really have as much iridescent beetle green and resembles more of a horn! No value as breeding stock by the American Archangel Club membership, August 2020 still... Part is of primarily importance for more info call… color pigeons – mostly bred in Germany, they will about... Of crookedness the Judging process and are of medium length shall be heavily.... Is of very good quality 0.9 lbs proper demarcation and placement of bronze is still being to.