It's great for both breakfast and dessert. Servings 10. Post navigation. Store-bought Marzipan contains unwanted ingredients such as preservatives. Almond Paste is used to decorate lots of sweets, especially cake.It is widely used in southern Italy. Print Recipe Pin Recipe. This apple cake is flavored with almond paste, cinnamon and orange zest, and full of apples in every bite. Ingredients . Almond bundt cake paste recipes chocolate cake w almond cream filling hungry rabbit frangipane almond cream recipe for pastry best marzipan and almond paste recipe the daring gourmet almond cream cake homemade with whipped frosting. Marzipan is extremely easy to make at home. Or, better, pulverize it in a food processor. If you use Fruit & Berry juice, or other natural ingredients such as Coffee and Matcha, you can create naturally colourful Marzipan for cake decoration. Beat in the butter and the vanilla, then cream the mixture until it is light and fluffy. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Easy Banana Nut Bread With Cake Mix . Beat the sugar with the almond paste until the almond paste is in fine pieces. Ingredients. Almond paste or pasta di mandorle is the basis for popular sweets throughout the Italian peninsula. Related. A classic Italian Almond Cake or Torta di Mandorle would … I use Milk but Water can be used. Beat in the whole eggs, one at a time — the eggs should be at room temperature — beating well after each addition so the eggs are thoroughly mixed in. Here is the Original Recipe for the Almond Paste. I often use Marzipan (Almond Paste) as filling for cake and tart. On my last visit to Italy my cousin surprised me with a supply of Italian almond paste, so fragrant that when I arrived home the sweet smell of almonds perfumed the contents of our luggage. I simply had to do something special with it. Vanilla Cake Recipe Moist With Oil.