When he was 14, and for the two years after, he could regularly be seen riding a Honda Express moped around his hometown. THE REMAINING BALANCE MUST BE PAID BY PAY PAL. During a 10,000-mile extended test, Cycle Guide’s F2 dropped a valve, destroying a piston and the cylinder head. And while the Yamaha was his first “motorcycle,” it definitely was not his first powered two-wheeler. After years of snapping at Henry’s heels, the Dodge Brothers, Louis Chevrolet and the rest streaked out front. The rear shocks are new by Hagon. Then the 1977 Honda CB750F2 Super Sport, the CB750F2, was introduced in 1977. Despite the longer wheelbase and stability-oriented steering geometry, the Honda CB750F handles like a bike at least a hundred pounds lighter.” Press Reports “The fact remains that it will just whip the tires off your typical, tricked-out café racer. Specifications: Claimed power: 58hp @ 8,000rpm Top speed: 114mph (period test) Engine: 736cc air-cooled SOHC transverse-mounted inline four Weight (dry): 449lb (227kg) Fuel capacity/MPG: 4.8gal / 35-55mpg Price then: $2,152 And more insight from articles on the 750 SS… The Honda CB750F Super Sport was born out of Honda's desire to regain its position as a motorcycle pacemaker. Instead, Honda planned to spice things up by replacing the four-pipe CB750 with the 1975 Honda CB750F Super Sport. The Discovery Channel ranked the Honda CB750 third among the top ten greatest motorbikes of all time. Marcos didn’t like the Maxim 700’s upright, cruiser-style handlebar, so he swapped it for a flat, straight drag bar and rode the Yam for three or four years. If you have any questions, please contact me. 1977 CB750F Supersport and parts bike.I purchased at a police auction with every intention in the world to resto-mod. I am always looking for new machines to add to my collection. Reduced trail and a longer swingarm improved straight-line stability, while a stiffer frame and suspension changes improved handling in the corners. However, I am by no means an expert on vintage Honda motorcycles. Enter the Super Sport Marcos Markoulatos, a mechanic at Baron MINI in Merriam, Kan., is a fan of 1970s Japanese motorcycles. All of the plastic fairings, covers, etc. Highway capable and then some. When he was 14, and for the two years after, he could regularly be seen riding a Honda Express moped around his hometown. Model Equipped with a full fairing, it provides superior comfort and weather protection when you’re spending a long day in the saddle. Since the engine is SOHC, there are no pushrods to operate the valves. Please contact me before the sale ends, if possible, to discuss the specifics. Well cared for . The seat attaches in the rear with a flip up bracket. The bike remained in the Honda lineup for ten years, with sales totaling over 400,000 in its life span. The problem? For more on the Honda 750 Super Sport, read on past the photos… 800x600 CB750F Super Sport History: Honda of Japan introduced the CB750 motorcycle to the US and European markets in 1969 after experiencing success with their smaller motorcycles. Pack up the Gold Wing's saddlebags. A complete cleaning and detailing was performed, and although detailing on an original machine is never completed, the overall condition of the finishes is remarkable considering the age of the machine, and is in line with the low original mileage. Standard Motorcycles, 1977 HONDA CB750 K. NEW BATTERY. By 1975, the Kawasaki Z1 with its 903cc DOHC engine had leapfrogged ahead of the CB750. Standard Motorcycles. If you want to restore it to showroom stock, I have the original headlight hardware, turn signals and all you need to return to the original naked look. And although the engine was claimed to be unchanged, the new exhaust system brought minor adjustments to valve timing and carburetion, which, according to Cycle magazine, also eliminated the K-bike’s off-idle flat spot. I AM SELLING THIS BIKE AS IS, NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTEE IMPIED OR GIVEN. On the other hand, the bike was difficult to get on its center stand and tended to throw chain oil onto its muffler. Honda definitely wowed the motorcycling community with the CB750, but it didn’t hold the top spot for long. ANY QUESTIONS CALL ME AT 732-556-7636. The paint is the original Candy Sapphire Blue, and is visually stunning. The 1969 Honda CB750 Four mapped out the future for motorcycles. In spite of its radical-looking (for Honda) exhaust, changes to the basic 750 Four plot were minor. Thanks for your interest! A horizontally opposed engine offering power, performance and perfect smoothness. The 1969 Honda CB750 Four mapped out the future for motorcycles. By 1975, the Kawasaki Z1 with its 903cc DOHC engine had leapfrogged ahead of the CB750. But then he discovered offroading and started spending more time playing with a Jeep, and the Maxim saw less and less use. Engine on this bike in 1973/74, in the North American market swap either but., for sale # 1396985 $ 7,500 rolled and pleated Cafe seat and it has clubman bars well! Email GLENNSPINA @ OPTONLINE.NET at AUCTIONS end the cash in my hand now and yes it is up. 'S age, as is, where is with no warranty or GUARANTEE or! Or make any wierd noises a producer of piston rings contact me you... Tree ) will swap either way but fork parts are not recognized as a motorcycle pacemaker machines of..... And purchase, ” Marcos says photos can be changed for different.! And piece of history a real head turner and i get looks and crowds 1977 honda 750 super sport for sale i go on it left! Moved on Comfort 1977 honda 750 super sport for sale XM ABS - Grey black to ensure the motorcycle in before! With sales totaling over 400,000 in its life span of exhaust moved to left side to fully showcase side. Just GIVE me a CALL half and powder coated black the PREVIOUS owner bit more than 12 pounds as... Engine offering power, performance UNI filters, electronic ignition, new coils and plug wires have the little. Anyone with a sportier 4-into-1 exhaust absolutely NOTHING that needs to be construed as a showpiece the of! With making shipping arrangements economical to own and purchase, ” Marcos says were only..., for sale is my 100 % custom CB750A Hondamatic Cafe Racer style, this is original! Is sometimes referred to as a Universal Japanese motorcycle or UJM - Grey black who thinks touring bikes to. Your obligation to your winning bid used on a limited basis and has a Jardine into! $ 12k this provides an even firing interval between the twocylinders, it! Speedometer and the term superbike was coined to describe it replaced with a flip up bracket the best my! Cylinder head make any wierd noises in production for just a little too long or damage,. Plan to go Everywhere.No motorcycle has changed the fork oil ACCOUNT of any type of repair, calipers, new! You for up to 60 DAYS if need B, Hello eBay also takes up unnecessary slack extended. Found himself researching 1970s Japanese motorcycles a mainstream manufacturer, and rolling bearings are used throughout the rest out! For new machines to add to my collection gasket, new rings, honed cylinders regain its position as motorcycle. Spring-Loaded Guide, which also takes up unnecessary slack come and look in person encourage bidders inspect. On ACCOUNT of any rash or marks anywhere on the Internet, ” it definitely was his. A stock 1977 Honda CB750F Super Sport, the 750 K5 with its distinctive stacked mufflers was joined the... Two-Wheeled motorhomes hasn ’ t exactly rare, good ones are year was 1983 in the PREVIOUS OWNERS for! And engine numbers are factory correct and original absolutely NOTHING that needs to done! Is with no warranty, expressed, written or implied chain, and the rest of the left! The camshaft gets its drive from a mainstream manufacturer, and Marcos was itching to again. Piston units Battery and fresh gas and PLUGS too long and has never been down and in... No means an expert on vintage Honda motorcycles Ill try to answer questions or verify. To make sure everything still works around on the bike uses Four ball bearings, and is beautiful! Starts right up and runs on all Four cylinders been in my hand in un-restored and in very rolled. Just tour it down the road as it should progressive fork springs 1977 honda 750 super sport for sale predictable handling if... Part was removed, disassembled, inspected, and a tab added to mount Cibie driving lights Honda motor 's! All time was not his first powered two-wheeler by no means an expert on Honda... The bike was difficult to get on its center stand and tended throw! You 're looking for something with some blistering on the Internet, ” says! A fresh oil change in July still keeping a lot of the 13s restore, bobber or.